Our Evangelists

Our Evangelists

Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen grew up in Malvern, Arkansas. He attended Malvern High School, graduating in 1992. He pursued an accounting degree at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas for three years before devoting his life to preaching. Currently, Matthew is just a few credit hours away from attaining an undergraduate degree in Religion and Communication Studies from Wright State University.

Matthew began preaching regularly in 1995 and has previously worked with congregations in Tompkinsville, Kentucky, Brownsburg, Indiana, and Rapid City, South Dakota. He began working with Kettering Church of Christ in 2010. Matthew has also worked extensively outside of the United States, by conducting evangelistic efforts in Belize (1998), Canada (2007, 09, 11), Ukraine (2003, 04, 08), and Colombia (2011, 13, 15, 16). 


Matthew's wife, Becky, grew up near Malvern, Arkansas and is the youngest of four children. Matthew and Becky have been married over 21 years and have two children, a daughter and a son. Emilea is a junior at Florida College. Zackary is a sophomore at nearby Bellbrook High School. Both are both active in church, school, band, and sports.

The Lord’s Church in My Life

Matthew became a Christian in 1987 at the age of thirteen. God has always been very important to him. From his youngest days, he has always been involved in the church in a variety of ways. He loves to lead singing and has had a desire to preach the gospel since he was nine years old.

Matthew is very thankful for the many relationships he has established through his years of preaching. He has been encouraged and uplifted through helping Christians across the United States and around the world.

Matthew's Role

Matthew's mission at Kettering is to encourage members to grow in their relationship with Jesus through pulpit preaching and teaching Bible classes.



Alan Piner

Alan Piner grew up in North Carolina. He received his A.A. at Florida College with a focus in communications (1988) and went on to the University of South Florida where he received his B.A. in Elementary Education (1992) and completed some master's work in children's literature.

Alan began preaching sermons at the age of 16 at various local and country churches. He went to England in the summer of 1983 to work with Matt Qualls. He spent the summers of 1987-88 preaching in Crossville, AL and in Vanduzer, MO. He began preaching fulltime in 1989 in Merritt Island, FL. He has worked with churches in VA, NC, CA, and most recently completed 8 years at Southport Church of Christ in Indianapolis. Alan has made five trips to China doing the work of evangelism. Alan began working with Kettering Church of Christ in 2016.


Alan's wife, Julie, is part of a family with a long line of preachers in the Copeland family. Their marriage has been blessed with five children. Britney Ann is 24 and lives in the Indianapolis area. Ethan (22) and Cameron (18) are students at Florida College. Alan and Julie also have two other children, Logan (16) and Olivia (11). 

The Lord’s Church in My Life

Alan's family is very involved in the church. His son Cameron is a communication major at Florida College and intends to work as a full time evangelist upon graduation. He has already been preaching upon request for two years. Logan teaches weekly and monthly home classes which include all ages from many locations. Olivia often joins the family for these activities. She has written and delivered one devotion for her age goup.

Alan enjoys being with his family, spending time with brethren, and most of all, he enjoys teaching interested souls the gospel of Christ

Alan's Role

Alan's mission at Kettering is to equip members to share their relationship with Jesus through evangelism and personal work.