Our Evangelists

Our Evangelists

Matthew Allen

Matthew Allen grew up in Malvern, Arkansas. He attended Malvern High School, graduating in 1992. He pursued an accounting degree at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas for three years before devoting his life to preaching. Matthew received a degree in Religion from Wright State University in 2017.

Matthew began preaching regularly in 1995 and has previously worked with congregations in Tompkinsville, Kentucky, Brownsburg, Indiana, and Rapid City, South Dakota. He began working with Kettering Church of Christ in 2010. Matthew has also worked extensively outside of the United States, by conducting evangelistic efforts in Belize (1998), Canada (2007, 09, 11), and Ukraine (2003, 04, 08). He has been making yearly trips to Colombia since 2011, working with churches in Bogota, Manizales, Cali, Villavicencio, Lorica, and Ibague.


Matthew's wife, Becky, grew up near Malvern, Arkansas and is the youngest of four children. Matthew and Becky have been married over 23 years and have two children, a daughter and a son. Emilea is a senior at Florida College. Zackary is a senior at nearby Bellbrook High School and is in the delayed entry program for the United States Air Force. Both are both active in church, school, band, and sports.

The Lord’s Church in My Life

Matthew became a Christian in 1987 at the age of thirteen. God has always been very important to him. From his youngest days, he has always been involved in the church in a variety of ways. He loves to lead singing and has had a desire to preach the gospel since he was nine years old.

Matthew says he is very thankful for the many relationships he has established through his years of preaching.

Matthew's Role

Matthew's mission at Kettering is to encourage members to grow in their relationship with Jesus through pulpit preaching and teaching Bible classes.


Jaime Restrepo

Brother Jamie Restrepo grew up in Palmira, Colombia. He has been in preaching since the mid-1980's, primarily in Manizales, Colombia. 


Jaime has been blessed with two daughters. Andre is a 2017 graduate of the University of Manizales. Natalia is a junior at Florida College in Temple Terrace, FL. 

The Lord’s Church in My Life

Jamie became a Christian in 1977 at the age of fourteen. Since he has been preaching, Jaime has been instrumental in establishing many new congregations in the Lord throughout Colombia and Latin America. He has translated many English Bible study materials into Spanish. 

Jaime's Role

Jaime's mission at Kettering is to equip members to grow in their relationship with Jesus through teaching Bible classes and personal evangelism.