Works We Support

Works We Support

The Kettering family is honored to help with the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ in Colombia. In addition providing partial monthly support to the men listed below, our minister, Matthew Allen makes regular trips to Colombia to assist in the work there.

Oscar Arias lives in Villamaria, Caldas. Brother Arias has been preaching since 1999, and in Villamaria since 2011. Since 2013 Oscar has assisted with the new work taking place in Ecuador's Galapagos Islands. Besides preaching in various places around Colombia, He also makes yearly preaching trips to Brazil and Peru. The Kettering congregation has been supporting Bro. Arias since 2019.




Alvaro Sepulveda lives in Manizales, Caldas. was baptized into Christ in 2004. He began his service as an evangelist in 2005 serving local churches in Caldas and Risaralda (Anserma, Ríosucio, Guática). As the decade closed, Alvaro moved to Cali where he served as an evangelist in three congregations (Popular, Cortijo and Limonar). Beginning in 2013 he worked with the Cumbal Church (on the border with Ecuador) for three years. In 2016, Brother Sepulveda moved to Ecuador where he worked one of the local churches in Quito. At the beginning of 2018, Brother Sepulveda moved back to Colombia where he began work with the church in Manizales. The Kettering congregation has been supporting Bro. Sepulveda since 2018.




Carlos Julio Rameriz lives in Cali, Valle del Cauca. Besides his work with one of the churches in Cali, Brother Rameriz travels throughout western and southern Colombia working with various churches of Christ. He has helped establish congregations in Pasto, Buenaventura, Palmira, and Popayan. He began preaching fulltime in January 2013. The Kettering congregation has been supporting Bro. Rameriz since 2013.




Rafael Amaya lives in Ibagúe, Tolima. He has been preaching the gospel for 17 years. In 2005, he helped begin a new work in the neighborhood of Las Gaviotas in Ibagúe. Beginning with two families (6 individuals), the church currently numbers about 30 people. He also teaches twice a month in a village called God Wáter (Agua de Dios). There are about 12 people there. He also works with another congregation in Ibague. The Kettering congregation has been supporting Bro. Amaya since 2013.



Carlos Correa lives in Lorica, Cordoba. He has been preaching the gospel since 2005. Brother Correa works with five congregations in northern Colombia. Besides work with churches in Lorica, San Antero and Manantial, He has recently helped begin new congregations in San Jose de Palmito and Pueblo Nueva. The Kettering congregation has been supporting Bro. Correa since 2013.





Wilson Valbuena lives in Villavicencio, Meta. He has been preaching the gospel since 2008. Besides his work in Villavicencio, Brother Valbuena also works with congregations in Acacias, Castilla La Nueva, and Fuente de Oro. Around 35 Christians make up the church in Villavicencio. The Kettering congregation has been supporting Bro. Valbuena since 2015.



Andrés López Jerez lives in Bogotá, Colombia. He has a degree in Graphic Art Computer Design. Andres has been preaching the gospel full time since 2013, serving the El Rincon church of Christ in Northwest Bogota. He also assists other local churches around Bogotá in their work, including Libertador, Chia, and Soacha. In addition to this, his love for music has opened many opportunities to train local churches in four-part harmony thus enhancing their worship services. He has created a large number of Bible teaching charts that are now used throughout Colombia and provides assistance in other teaching/advertising capacities. Andres also serves as an English-Spanish translator for preachers visiting Colombia and continues in English training to grow in this work. The Kettering Church has been supporting Bro. Lopez since 2018.



Julio Caesar Tellez lives in Bogotá, Colombia. Brother Tellez lives and works in the Sierra Morena area on the southside of Bogotá. This is a very poor and dangerous part of the city. Seven years ago he started a congregation there with just four members (2 of which were himself and his wife). Soon there were 11 baptism. Presently the congregation numbers around 38. Brother Tellez has conducted evangelistic efforts all over Colombia, Mexico, and Ecuador. He is fluent in English and loves the work that he does.



Fabian Aicardy Lopez lives in Acacias, Meta. Brother Lopez began preaching in Bogotá in 2012. Since early 2017 he has worked with the small congregation in Acacias. Fabian also assists in preaching for other congregations in Meta, including the Fuente de Ora church. Brother Lopez regularly partners with Wilson Valbuena in many evangelistic endeavors around SE Colombia. The Kettering congregation has been supporting Bro. Lopez since 2019.