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Meetup Study Finding the Way in Mark 02: Courage Like Christ

Hey y'all,

Especially you younger Christians. Ever feel discouraged? Ashamed? This is Cain Atkinson again reminding everyone of the bible study we have every other Saturday at the Panera on Wilmington Pike. This Saturday it'll be at 5pm and we'll start in Mark 1.12. This study is geared toward the 16-30 years age group but we can be a little flexible. In this session, we'll see the awesome courage of Christ and talk about how we can live that same courage in our own lives. We had a pretty good turn out last time, but the more the merrier. Invite your friends!


Find the Way 002: Courage Like Christ

Saturday, Jan 18, 2020, 5:00 PM

Panera Bread
6130 Wilmington Pike Dayton, OH

3 Members Attending

Hey friends, this is another bible study in the book of Mark. Last week went awesome, and we got acquainted with John the Baptist and another man who Mark calls "The Son of God." Is Jesus the Son of God? He certainly shows a fearlessness and power that would cause one to wonder. We will see that together as we study in Mark together starting in Mar...

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New Study!

This is Cain Atkinson happy to announce our first small group meetup study. We will be "Finding the Way", walking through the book of Mark with Jesus. This study is geared toward the 16-30 years age group but we can be a little flexible. Our first study is Saturday 12/14 on 3377 Heritage Trace Dr in Bellbrook, AKA the Schofield residence. Try to come out and take part.


Find the Way - Walk with Jesus in Mark: Introduction

Saturday, Dec 14, 2019, 3:00 PM

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2 Members Attending

This study is for "whosoever will” but is is predominantly aimed at 16-30years age group. Anyone regardless of background is welcome. This study will be verse by verse through the book of Mark and our first study will have a few intentions... 1. Figure out who Christ is, and what his mission was. 2. Figure out what it means to really follow Christ,...

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