“Heavenly Perspectives”

Categories: Friday First

Sunday SONG LEADER: Russ Robins

TEXT: Philippians 3.20-21

What are you emphasizing most in your life? What is the biggest thing? For some it is personal prosperity. Others stress over their health and looks. And some, place an extreme emphasis on being successful. While these things may be good in and of themselves, and the result of applying spiritual principles, they are not the main focus.

How often do you think about heaven? 

If you are going to pursue Jesus and become like Him, you have to get your focus out of this world and into the next. On Sunday, we’ll examine Philippians 3.20-21 and talk about:

  • Our motivation.
  • Our accountability.
  • Our security.

We’ll wrap up our time together talking about our attitude as we pursue heaven. With eagerness we await the coming Savior, longing to be transformed to be just like Him.
As you prepare for worship this weekend, be looking for answers to these very practical questions:

  1. What does it mean to you presently to be a citizen of heaven?
  2. How does that mentality affect how you live on earth?
  3. If Jesus were to return today, would you be excited to meet Him in the air?
  4. Would you consider yourself as someone who is groaning and longing for what is to come?
  5. What are some things you can do in order to live more in the light of the 2nd coming?