“Our Marvelous Hope”

Categories: Friday First

Sunday Scripture Reading: Dan Teater
Sunday Song Leader: Jim Grushon Jr.

TEXT: 1 John 2.28-3.3

In what have you placed your hope?

Salvation promises wonderful future benefits. They are so wonderful that whatever sacrifice we have to make must be made now, in this life. We’re doing it for Jesus, trusting that as we follow, He will lead us to a greater place in the life to come. This is what it means to be saved in hope, Romans 8.24.

On Sunday, we will examine 1 John 2.28-3.3. These verses are tied together by Jesus’ appearing, His coming, and the hope that we share in that. As we await heaven, we can live with confidence and assurance. Our marvelous hope will sustain us. Here are five things we can learn:

  1. Hope is guaranteed by abiding in Him.
  2. Hope is realized in righteousness. 
  3. Hope is established in love.
  4. Hope is fulfilled in Christ’s likeness.
  5. Hope is characterized by purity.

As you prepare for worship this weekend, be looking for answers to these very practical questions:

  • Do you view yourself as an overcomer? What gives you success? See 1 John 5.4.
  • What does it mean to you to know that you have been born of Him? See 1 John 2.29.
  • As you read 1 John 3.1, what facts stir your emotions? 
  • What are some things we do know about our future spiritual personhood? See 1 Peter 1.3-6.
  • On who do we pin our hope for heaven? See 1 John 3.3.