“Living With God”

Categories: Friday First

Sunday Scripture Reading: David Pennington
Sunday Song Leader: Roy Pyle
TEXT: John 14.1-3

To you, what is the greatest thing about heaven?

Jesus tells us the answer in John 14.3b. When you get there, you’ll be with Him. This should be a source of tremendous hope and comfort for all of us! This is where following Jesus will take you. This is what it is all about. This is why we do what we do. We want to be with Jesus. We want to be truly free, alive, and holy. 

On Sunday, we will examine Revelation 21-22. These verses describe heaven in purely physical terms. What does it mean to live with God? On Sunday we will:

  • See how Revelation describes heaven.
  • See what to remember as we read what is said in our text.
  • Give consideration to what God might say today about heaven if he were speaking to a 21st century audience.

As you prepare for worship this weekend, be thinking about these questions:

  1. What is the historical context surrounding the book of Revelation?
  2. What does it mean to you that God will identify Himself with you personally? (Revelation 21.3)
  3. How can Revelation 21.4 inspire you to persevere through this life?
  4. Will anything physical make it to the next realm?
  5. How is living with God a conditional thing?