“The Plans I Have For You”

Categories: Friday First

Have you ever wondered like it would be to be a prophet?

It was not as glamorous as you think. Many prophets, including Jeremiah, had a very hard time. Jeremiah was called at a young age. God equipped him to do the work he called him to do because he had a divine, spiritual purpose for him.

This year, we’ll be focusing on why God created a plan for us. He is ordering things to where we will ultimately, in every way, be holy and blameless before him. God’s purposes are primarily spiritual and eternal. Because of Jesus’ work on the cross, we have a purpose, a destination, and a mission. That is what really matters. 

On Sunday, we’ll examine Jeremiah 29.10-14. It’s a passage many turn to during dark times when they look for comfort and peace. It’s so popular that some are tattooing themselves with the verse.

What can we learn from the text? 

  1. Understanding the context
  2. God wasn’t finished with them
  3. The need to move by faith
  4. God’s plans are personal.

As you get ready for Sunday, be thinking about these questions:

  • What does it mean to be conformed to the image of Christ?
  • What is the popular application of Jeremiah 29.
  • How does understanding what God desires for you help you cope with life?
  • How do complaining and losing sight of God’s purposes go hand in hand?
  • How can God’s plans revolutionize your life?