“Redemption Through His Blood”

Categories: Friday First

Sunday Scripture Reading: Jason Pratt
Sunday Song Leader: Roy Pyle
TEXT: Ephesians 1.6B-10

Our God is so good. He’s incredibly powerful. His grace is infinite. His mercy is indescribable. He loves to lavish His blessings on us. 

On Sunday, our lesson will see how this came into reality and what it means. 

The concept of redemption is not uncommon. But, the word does have significant theological applications that go all the way to the core of Christian doctrine. In Ephesians 1.4-6a, Paul discusses God’s intention for saving us: He desires us to be holy and blameless before Him. What method did God use to move us toward that? How has He made this relationship really happen? The answer is our redemption.

On Sunday, we’ll focus on what this is. We’ll also:

  • Learn about our Redeemer.
  • Learn about those who have been redeemed.
  • Examine the results of our redemption.
  • And finally, see the purpose of our redemption.

As you get ready for worship, be thinking about these questions:

  1. How would you define redemption?
  2. Who is the beloved in 1.6?
  3. Who are the redeemed in 1.7? What is significant about this, especially when reading 2.1-3; 12; 4.18-19?
  4. What was the price Jesus paid to redeem us?
  5. What did our redemption bring? See 1.7c - 8.