“The Greatest People in the World”

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One of the verses we’ll focus on today is Ephesians 2.15, where Paul says that through His death, Jesus created one new man in place of the two, thus making peace. The “new man” is the church. The meaning of “newness” becomes powerful when we consider how God created the church as a completely new creation - something which never existed before. In it, all the distinctions and differences that divided before have been removed and torn down.

Have you ever thought about how special it is to be a part of God’s church? God’s family? You are part of a body of persons that comprise the greatest people in the world! No, we’re not perfect, but we stand forgiven and we stand as one under the cross. It’s a beautiful thing. Now all over the world. in every nation and tribe, God’s people stand united in Him. Nationality, race, language, gender, or culture no longer matter. We are one in Christ. We are so blessed!

Now, think locally. Have you ever thought about how special it is to be a part of the Kettering family? Right here in this place, you are assembled today with incredible people who love God and love one another. You are never alone in your pursuit of heaven. When you suffer, we all suffer. When you rejoice, we all rejoice. When you mess up, your spiritual family will surround you and help you get back on track. When you need encouragement, your brothers and sisters are there - ready to serve in love. We’re a family! We are here for each other. It’s what we do here. It's who we are. 

If you aren’t involved in the family as much as you should, I want to encourage you to renew your commitment to become more connected to our family. You’ll be amazed at how a stronger connection to God’s church can energize your spiritual life!

- Matthew Allen