“Abundantly Supplied”

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Abundantly Supplied

It is popular to hear people say I have Jesus, I don’t need the church. There are many things driving that mentality. It might be that some have been hurt by imperfect people. Others don’t want the responsibilities associated with membership. A few think everyone in the church is hypocritical. What we need to understand is that you can't have Jesus without the church. Jesus is inseparably and intimately connected to it. It’s His body.

When life hits us hard, we are going to need more than ourself to rely upon. We need to realize that one of the ways God works to provide us comfort is through His church. If you are limiting your connection with the local church, you have essentially placed a roadblock between you and Jesus and one of the main ways He works to serve.

On Sunday, we’ll focus on Philippians 4.10-20. Here we learn about Paul’s contentment and the church’s role in supplying his needs. If we are to find comfort in this life, we’ll need to reorder our perspective - as an individual and as a church. In our lesson we will examine:

  1. Paul’s difficult circumstances.
  2. How to find comfort individually, 4.10-13.
  3. How to find comfort through God’s people, 4.14-20. 

As you get ready for worship, be thinking about these things:

  • Read Acts 28.11-31. In what type of situation did Paul find himself?
  • How can trusting in God’s ordering of our circumstances to supply our needs fill us with comfort? See Romans 8.28-30.
  • What are some things you can do to resist the culture’s influence of defining your needs?
  • What does Philippians 4.13 & Isaiah 40.29 tell us what happens when we have no more human strength?
  • What are some ways God has worked through your spiritual family to bring you comfort?

Sunday Scripture Reading: Tommy Ray

Sunday Song Leader: Jim Rutter

TEXT: Philippians 4.10-20