“Allowing God to Reign”

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Allowing God to Reign

As we’ve moved through the summer, we’ve been through a progression. We’ve traversed from all of self and none of thee to none of self and all of thee. This is the key to allowing God to reign. Selflessness. How do you define it? The Biblical definition is found in Philippians 2.3-5. There, Paul exhorts us to have this attitude, because it was the attitude that characterized Jesus.

There is no better teaching on selflessness by our Savior than that in Mark 10.43-45. In this passage, Jesus shows us the level for which we must continually reach. It’s a daily, sometimes hourly challenge. It’s something that we’ll face until He calls us home.

On Sunday we’ll be talking about what it takes to allow God to reign.

  1. We’ll examine the context leading up to our primary text for consideration in Mark 10.43-45.
  2. We’ll talk about how Jesus died to serve us.
  3. Lastly, we’ll discuss how He calls us to allow Him to serve us as we live in compliance with His will.

As you get ready for worship, be thinking about these things:

  • Read Mark 10.35-45. What part of Jesus’ teaching impacts you the most?
  • Imagine being one of the ten (10.41). How would you have felt at James/John’s request?
  • What challenges you most about 10.43b?
  • How was Jesus the slave of all?
  • For what did Jesus come? (10.45)
  • Will you allow Him to serve you?

Sunday Song Leader: Dru McLaughlin

Sunday Scripture Reading: Josh Dickey

TEXT: Mark 10.35-45