“A Thriving Church”

Categories: In the Bulletin

Life inside the local church is much like life at home. There are times where things seem to be slow and relaxed and other times where items on the agenda fill up and things move fast. Some days, we wonder how all the things we need to do will be accomplished. We’ve certainly had many things happening at Kettering lately.

Dan Teater, Felanese Webb, and Donna Allen were all in the hospital at the same time last week. On Tuesday evening, Joyce Hoffman’s son-in-law, James Flynn, passed away suddenly at a young 44 years old. (His viewing and service are tomorrow evening in Milton.) Jason Schofield’s father, Joe, has been placed into hospice care. (Joe lives in Marietta and Jason is with him today.) Carol Schwegel spent time in St. Clair, MI this week seeing to her granddaughter and great-grandson Preston, who has had severe medical issues since his birth earlier in the year. George Wacks has been recovering from a recent hospital stay that kept him out of work for almost two weeks.

These things are all on top of those we mention regularly who are in need of prayer and assistance. Some of you are carrying burdens the rest of us do not know about, but every week I see so many of you living out the expectations of Jesus to serve others. It is my pleasure to run into some of you throughout the week as you are out visiting the sick and encouraging our widows and widowers. It is refreshing to hear about food that is being prepared for our families with newborns. It is encouraging to hear about our young people mowing yards for our elderly. Keep up the great work everyone. This is what makes our Kettering family so special!

While we’re all busy being disciples by serving like Jesus, let’s not forget to count our blessings. A congregation full of servants is a thriving one. It’s not so much what we say, it's about what we are doing every week to engage in the work of ministry, Ephesians 4.12. Take some time today to thank God for placing you in this family of believers to bring glory to His name.

- Matthew Allen