“A Greater Appreciation for the Word”

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A Greater Appreciation for the Word

Of his own will he brought us froth by the word of truth, that we should be a kind of first fruits of his creatures, James 1.18. As God’s children each of us have experienced the tremendous power of the word of God in it’s conviction and saving power. Think back to the time when pure gospel preaching moved you to action. You were hungry. You couldn’t get enough teaching. Classes were exciting and worship was exhilarating. 

Wednesday evening after Bible class, Jim Grushon Sr. and I were talking. He mentioned the feeling he had the morning after his baptism. As he walked into work later that day and ran into the guy who shared the gospel with him, he asked, “How long does this feeling last?” 

His friend replied, “As long as you remain close to the Word.”

I like that. Every member at Kettering should understand the power of the word in producing salvation. Now, the imperative is for each of us to let it continue to do it’s powerful work. James 1.19a tells us how we do that. We need to be quick to hear. 

The idea is that we grasp every opportunity to increase our hearing of God’s word. True Christians run to hear the word of God. They long to read it. They want to learn it. How is your hunger? Do you long to grow? How is your appetite for the word?

This is the mark of the believer. If you observe a person who has no desire to be under the teaching of God, chances are that you’ll see a person who does not demonstrate what it means to be a true Christian.

As a member at Kettering, you have tremendous opportunities to dive into the word. Besides Sunday, you can participate in a Bible class at least three other days of the week. Devotionals and group studies are on the schedule. There will be a men’s retreat next weekend and the ladies hold monthly studies. These events are designed to challenge you and wet your appetite for deeper personal study. Can you say along with the Psalmist: Your testimonies are my heritage forever, for they are the joy of my heart.

- Matthew Allen