“God's Good Pleasure”

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God’s Good Pleasure

During November, we’ll be wrapping up our focus on God’s Plan for You. It’s been a great year. We’ve focused on God’s plans for a future and our welfare (Jeremiah 29.11). While some in the world associate these promises with earthly gain, we’ve discovered this year that God’s primary concern is our spending eternity with Him. He has done, is doing, and will do everything possible to bring us home. His promises are repeated through the New Testament: We can live with confidence and assurance that we will receive what He has promised.

But yet, many of us experience fear. It can be paralyzing. Our text in Luke 12 identifies four things men and women commonly fear. We fear death, public shame, and a lack of physical necessities. Verse 32 identifies that we may sometimes fear whether or not God will supply us with our reward. The message of the chapter is that God is the kind of God whose people need not fear. God wants to be generous and helpful. He never begrudges the benefits of His grace.

Our plan of study on Sunday will cover Luke 12.32. We’ll talk about:

  1. God’s good pleasure.
  2. He is our Father.
  3. We are part of His flock.
  4. He has given us the Kingdom.

As you get ready for worship, be thinking about these things:

  • What fears do you battle in life? Do you ever have fear over whether you are really saved?
  • What does good pleasure mean in Luke 12.32?
  • What does it mean to you that God identifies Himself as your Father?
  • Why is it important to understand we are given the kingdom?
  • How does little flock signify affection and care?

Sunday Song Leader: Roy Pyle

Sunday Scripture Reading: Matt Ringle

TEXT: Luke 12.31-34