“The Importance of the Burnt Offering and Christ”

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“And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength” Mark 12:30


In the Jewish burn offering, the head referred to the thoughts, the legs the emblem of the walk, the inwards the symbol of the feelings and the affections of the heart.  The fat probably does not represent any one limb or faculty, but the general health and vigor of the whole.

In Jesus, these were all surrendered, and all without spot and blemish.   Had there been one thought in the mind of Jesus which was not perfectly given to God, had there been but one affection in the heart of Jesus which was not yielded to His Father’s Will, had there been but one step in the walk of Jesus taken for His own pleasure and not for the glory of God, then He could not have offered Himself or been accepted as a “whole burnt offering to Jehovah”.  But Jesus gave up all; He reserved nothing.  All was consumed upon the altar.

So, to a Christian today, it must be the whole surrender of self to God in everything.  We cannot reserve one sin to ourselves.  We must give up all for the glory of God.

-Jaime Restrepo