“How Will You Live Your Life?”

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How Will You Live Your Life?

Doing God’s will today, so you can have a better tomorrow and ultimately, a better eternity is the foundation of our 2019 Vision plan. I think sometimes we struggle with balancing the idea of planning, moving with vision, and trusting in God’s plan, with the Bible’s warnings about the uncertainty of life. If life is so uncertain, why plan? But, If I make plans, is that an indication that I’m not trusting in God like I should? Like everything in matters like these, the important thing is to respect the tension that is there and keep things in balance.

The Bible does go out of its way to remind us that life is uncertain, brief, and fragile. Time and chance happen to all. There is no avoiding it. The question is, how well will we cope with whatever tomorrow brings? This is where the other side of planning and forethought comes to play. Being prepared, making plans, good stewardship, must involve God every step of the way. How will we live our life?

On Sunday we’ll talk about:

  1. Don’t live as if God doesn’t exist.
  2. Don’t live as if you are invincible.
  3. How to include God in your plans 

As you get ready for worship, be thinking about these things:

  • What are some instances where time and chance have come upon you? 
  • What is the sin in James 4.13b?
  • What is so presumptuous about acting like we know what tomorrow will bring?
  • How does Scripture describe the brevity of life?
  • What has happened to you in times past when you didn’t include God in your plans?

Sunday Song Leader: Jim Rutter

Sunday Scripture Reading: Bob Hoopes

TEXT: James 4.13-16