“Colombia 2019 Overview”

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Colombia 2019 Overview

In Acts 13-14, Barnabas & Paul had been commissioned by the church in the church in Antioch to preach across Asia Minor. By the time we get to the end of chapter 15, we’re several years later … and Paul is ready to go again. Acts 16-19 give us details of almost 4 years of Paul’s work and labor among the Gentile churches. As we’ve been studying in Acts lately, we understand that missionary journeys were very much a part of the work of the first century church. 

Since 2011, Kettering has been very involved in the ongoing work in Colombia. Our association began in 1985 with Jaime Restrepo. Beginning in 2011, we stepped up our involvement significantly. Since then, there have been 7 Congregation-sponsored trips over the last 8 years.

What is in store for our 2019 Visit? We have two primary objectives:

    1. To get firsthand reports/updates from the local preachers Kettering supports.
    2. To conduct a preacher conference in Cali for our preachers.

Greg, Collin, Jason, and I are thankful for your prayers, kind words, and individual financial support. It is truly an honor to serve in this capacity and to represent the Kettering church. We ask for your prayers while we are away.