“He Cares for You”

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During the fall of 2010, I had the opportunity to go to Indianapolis and meet one of the hosts of Monday Night Football. Ron Jaworski did color commentary for ESPN for a number of years. I remember walking up to him and introducing myself. We shook hands. He gave me his autograph. We had our picture made together. Then I walked away. The next person approached him, and the process repeated itself. Thirty seconds after I walked away, Mr. Jaworski most likely could not have repeated my name. There was nothing personal about our experience.

It’s certainly refreshing to find how God’s word continually stresses that there is nothing impersonal about our relationship with Jesus. There are two instances in Mark where Jesus’ work of healing stands out. In Mark 7.31-37, a deaf man with a speech impediment is brought to Jesus. In Mark 8.22-26, a blind man was brought to Him. In both instances, people in the crowd begged Jesus to lay His hand on these men and heal them. Why would the people ask Jesus to touch these individuals? The answer is obvious. They had seen Jesus heal many, many times through the laying on of His hands. Does Jesus simply touch these individuals, pronounce them “healed” and move on to the next person?

In both instances, Jesus took these individuals aside, away from the crowd, to a more private place. With the deaf man, Jesus placed His fingers inside the man’s ears and after spitting, touched the man’s tongue. Then, “looking up to heaven, He sighed and said to him,... ‘Be opened,’” Mark 7.34. With the blind man, Jesus spat on the man’s eyes and healed him. Was there some miraculous power in Jesus’ spit? I think not. These were simple methods to communicate to these individuals that Jesus was going to heal them. But exactly why Jesus spat on the individuals is not the point of either of these instances of healing.

Everyone that approached Jesus meant something to Him. That, I believe, is one of the main points of the two accounts of healing in Mark 7 and 8. These individuals were not just another person out of the hundreds that He healed. He took their cares and their sorrow and made it His own. There is a reason why Mark tells us before healing the deaf man that Jesus sighed, 7.34. I think Jesus felt the man’s sorrow. It was true sympathy. It was genuine care and compassion.

What can we take away from this? He cares! Jesus cares for you and for me individually. “You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways,” Psalm 139.3. No matter how far you have wandered away from the cross, Jesus cares - and He wants a relationship with you. He promises to help you bear the burdens of your life, Matthew 11.28-30.

— Matthew Allen