“Ways You Can Get Involved”

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Today’s sermon will be based on Luke’s report on Peter’s work of edification and evangelism across Judea in the years after Paul’s conversion. After the death of Stephen, the church entered a period of great persecution with many saints being scattered away from Jerusalem. Now with Paul converted and living in Tarsus, Acts 9.30, the church enjoyed a brief period of peace. In fact, Luke tells us the saints were being edified and the church was multiplying, Acts 9.31. It was during this time we observe Peter traveling outside Jerusalem to work among the churches and spread the gospel. He healed Aeneas in Lydda and raised Tabitha from the dead in Joppa.

Acts 9.32 contains a nugget of information that shows us how Peter became so effective in service: Peter went here and there among them all. Peter didn’t just stay home in Jerusalem barking orders as an apostle. Peter got out among the people demonstrating his care and love. Here is a principle we can mine out of this passage: The people who are already involved are the ones who have the most effective personal ministries. If you want to be used of God, you have to get up and get going.

Will we each resolve to refuse to sit around and watch others do the work?

Here are some things you can do in service for the Kettering family:

  • Pray. Take this bulletin home today and refer to the prayer list throughout the upcoming week. Ask two or three people to get together to pray. Begin a prayer group that meets here at the building or in each other's homes. (See Acts 2.42.)
  • Teach. Don't wait for someone else to act, take the initiative and hold a Bible study / get together for our young people, new Christians, or your family and friends. Volunteer to teach or assist in one of our children’s Bible classes on Sunday or Wednesday.
  • Serve. A widow may need their yard mowed, limbs picked up, or house cleaned. Some of our family members with limited financial resources may need help getting through the month. A sister or brother may need your help coping with their health condition. Someone might need food prepared.

Do something. Go in some direction. God uses His priority jobs for those who place Him in the priority place. When you serve others, you never know how far reaching the effects will go.

— Matthew Allen