“A Series of Unfortunate Events”

Categories: In the Bulletin

Hi church. This Friday has been pretty interesting. Immediately following our regular Friday morning Bible study at Cracker Barrel, Matt and I were confronted with what can only be properly be described as a series of unfortunate events…First, I’m driving back to the office to begin working on some studies, emails, video, bulletin articles and such like and BOOM. Not just one, but both of my wiper blades just snap right off as they are wiping the snowflakes off of my windshield. I’m thinking two things; 1. Maybe I shouldn’t have purchased a Dodge, and 2. Is this a test from the Lord? Anyway, I call Matt and he comes to help right away.

However…Matt slides off the road taking a curve because of ice on the road and takes out a road sign. Rest in peace to our Pulpit Minister’s side mirror. He shows up, understandably frustrated. We fix the wiper blades as he astutely points out, “Did you notice you had a headlight out?” While Matt’s working on his lesson, I’m on a quest to restore my Charger’s vision to 20/20. Long story short, changing the headlight on a Dodge Charger is unnecessarily difficult. Thus, this article serves the dual purpose of the venting of my deep frustration and your spiritual edification.

Okay, so where does the edification part come in? It just sounds like a lot of complaining, I know. Forgive me for that, there’s a point—it’s this. This world is totally broken. Since Genesis, we have seen man kind trying to live in a fallen and decaying world. Since God has put eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3.11) we long for things that are unbroken. In a dying world, we long for something eternal. Christ our Lord is that something. The entire creation points us back to Him. If you’re reading this article and you deal with things like what Matt and I dealt with this Friday…and let’s face it, you do. We all do. Sometimes much bigger things. I’d just like you to stop for a second and read Romans 8.18-24 and then 31-39. Puts some things in perspective.

What can separate us from the love of Christ? Shall wiper blades? Shall broken mirrors? Shall dim headlights? Shall financial stress? Shall doubts? Shall old grudges? Shall broken relationships? Shall bad habits we just can’t seem to kick? Shall anything at all? No. Faith in Christ brings victory. Trust Him.

- Cain Atkinson