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Friday, December 02, 2016

TEXT: John 1.19-37

What does it mean to hear and heed the voice of Jesus? What did people see in Him? What made them want to follow, in many cases without hesitation? How can we capture that today? A good place to begin as we answer these questions is John 1.19-37. This story about John the Baptist’s testimony concerning Jesus takes place over three days. It’s a great summary of his entire ministry. We have three days, three messages that are given to three different groups. We learn that John does three things:

  • 1.19-28 - He tells the people that the messiah was here.
  • 1.29-34 - He tells people to look at the messiah.
  • 1.35-38 - He tells them to follow the messiah.

For Your Thought and Reflection

  • Are you read John 1, what are some verses that indicate his great humility? Write them down and discuss.
  • What is so unique about John’s calling Jesus (the Messiah) a lamb? How would this have differed from Jewish expectations?
  • Read 1.31-34. How did John know Jesus was the Messiah?
  • What did John encourage his two disciples to do in 1.36-37?
  • What are some important things that stand out to you in today’s text (John 1.19-37)?

The Reason for our Hope

Friday, November 25, 2016

TEXT: 1 Peter 3.13-17

During 2016, we have explored how we are living in a changing world. What kind of world will our kids have as they mature into their childbearing and productive years? For the first time in American history, Christians seem to be a target. Our country is rapidly becoming secular. And while our country is changing, we’re not the first nation to experience this. This hasn’t been a happy planet since Genesis 3. Despite the prevalence of sin, we know God can work through anything to accomplish His purpose. It is times like these that drive us to stronger dependence on God, more prayer, moving away from the world, and comforting others who are in trouble. As we study together Sunday, we’ll remind ourselves of four important truths in 1 Peter 3.13-17:

  • Be passionate for what is good.
  • Possess a willingness to suffer.
  • Honor Christ as holy.
  • Live for the hope of glory.

For Your Thought and Reflection

  • How can we resist responding in kind when others malign us for our spiritual convictions?
  • Why is it so hard to condemn a person with a kind and generous spirit?
  • How can a person be blessed when he suffers for doing good?
  • What are some ways your fear be turned to hope?
  • Why is it so important to have a strong, optimistic hope in the things to come?

Delight in the Law of the Lord

Friday, November 18, 2016

During November, we’re talking about developing an appreciation for God’s word. On Sunday, we’ll continue with our series Making Scripture Personal. We’ll look at Psalm 1. How is your walk with God? Are you making the most out of it? In Psalm 1, we have a plea for a deeper, more solid, and more productive walk with God. In our lesson, we’ll answer three questions by looking carefully in three directions:

  • Psalm 1.1-2 - Looking around
  • Psalm 1.3-4 - Looking inside
  • Psalm 1.5-6 - Looking ahead

For Your Thought and Reflection

  • What things most influence you in life?
  • Do you see a progression in verses 1-2? What are the three verbs in 1.1?
  • In what does the blessed person delight?
  • How has God’s word made you a fruitful person?
  • How can you stand confident in light of the judgment to come?

Hear the Words of the Wise

Friday, November 11, 2016

TEXT: Proverbs 22.17-21

During November, we’re talking about how we can make Scripture personal. During 2016 we’ve been talking about life in a changing world. It’s a struggle for many. That struggle can be made worse by an anemic intake of God’s word. Scripture is not intended to be relegated to an obscure part of our life. It is to be front and center. God’s words call the shots in daily life. Sunday’s lesson will focus on Proverbs 22.17-21. These verses teach us three important truths:

  • 22.17 - listening to God’s wisdom.
  • 22.18 - why we listen to God’s wisdom.
  • 22.19-21 - the result of God’s wisdom at work.

For Your Thought and Reflection

  • Inclining your ear to God’s word involves slowing down and really listening. How much of a problem is it for you to do this?
  • How many distractions keep you from focusing on Scripture? How can you eliminate/remove these?
  • How have the truths of God’s word impacted your heart? Write down a few.
  • What kind of pleasure does God’s word bring you?
  • How has God’s word strengthened your trust in Him?

How Could God Reject Two People Who Love Each Other?

Friday, October 28, 2016

TEXT: Matthew 19.1-8

On Sunday, we’ll wrap up our tough questions series. We began the month in Psalm 19 discussing how we can trust God’s word. The lesson is on a topic on which God has spoken clearly.  It’s one wrapped in emotion, intertwined in politics, and all over the culture with strong opinions on both sides. It touches the most intimate and sacred of relationships. The matter of same-sex marriage seems settled - according to popular opinion. But what does the Bible say?

Our lesson will look at:

  • How the gay agenda appeals to emotion.
  • A Biblical definition of marriage.
  • Three conclusions we draw about marriage from Matthew 19.4-6.
  • Whether there is validity to the it doesn’t affect me argument.

For Your Thought and Reflection

  • When asked about marriage and divorce, to where does Jesus point? Why do you think it is so important to look at God’s original intent at creation?
  • In reading the Genesis account (Genesis 1.26-31; 2.18-25), what is the main purpose for marriage?
  • Reading Genesis 2.24, what is God’s created norm for marriage?
  • What is a conclusion we can draw from Matthew 19.6-8 regarding marriage?
  • What are some things that could happen when mankind seeks to redefine marriage?

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