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Facing the Cross

Series: It is Finished

As we move into February … we want to back up from Paul’s writing to Jesus … and His actual execution of God’s plan. It is where victory was accomplished. In John 12.27-34, Jesus has turned just about all his attention to the cross. He knew He was God’s chosen sacrifice.

Understanding the Background:

  1. This all probably happened on Wednesday of the passion week. 
    1. 12.17-19 - Days before that: Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. 
    2. 12.13 - so when Jesus entered the city, no wonder he was met with praise.
  2. In 12.27, Jesus is probably back in the temple on the day after he cleansed it.

John 12.27-28a - ANGUISH:

  1. 12.27a - Now is my soul troubled. Think anguish. Agitation. Being deeply disturbed. Upset. Unsettled.
  2. This is the anticipation of enduring and experiencing divine wrath.
    1. 12.27b - but for this purpose I have come to this hour.
      1. Luke 22.42 - sweat as drops of blood. Intense!
      2. Hebrews 10.5-7a - Jesus was given a body so He could be a sacrifice.
  3. 12.28a - Father, glorify Thy name. Victorious. Totally obedient.

John 12.28b-30 - Answer:

  1. 12.28b - The father speaks. This had happened previously.
  2. 12.28b is an affirmation of the cross. 
    1. I have glorified it. How? Through miracles, signs, and wonders.
    2. Now, I will glorify it again. How? Through the cross.
  3. 12.30 - Who is Jesus talking to and why?
    1. What’s going on here is a divine affirmation of the death of Jesus.
    2. Jesus was not going to die because He did something wrong. He was not going to die because He displeased God.
  4. God had spoken. God had validated. Authenticated. Affirmed the Son of God.

John 12.31-32 - Accomplishment:

  1. 12.31a - Judgment of the world. Reject Jesus? Eternally condemned.
  2. 12.31b - The ruler of the world would be cast out. Satan dethroned at Calvary.
  3. 12.32 - All men: At the cross, Jesus provided the work by which all can be saved.
    1. 12.24 - this is the application of what Jesus said here.
    2. He is what brings life.


  1. In the cross, Jesus sees the glory of God, the overthrow of Satan, and the drawing of all men to himself.
  2. How do you see Jesus? What is your perception of Him? Have you believed on Him?
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