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The Purpose of Your Salvation

Series: It is Finished

God has given you His church in which to grow and mature in Christ. Today we will examine the ultimate purpose of our salvation, which is bringing God glory through our changed lives and our progression through this life toward eternity in heaven.

Ephesians 3.10b - the display of God’s manifold wisdom:

  1. 3.10b - God wants His manifold wisdom displayed to the rulers/authorities in the heavenly places. This is the goal of all history.
    1. Ephesians 2.12-19 explains the actual reality of what God planned from the beginning: i.e., a redeemed people in relationship with Him.
    2. Look at the end of 3.8. We who have been given the unsearchable riches of Christ, now we proclaim it. Everything exists to demonstrate the infinitely varied and complex wisdom of God.
  2. 3.10b - Who is the audience? The rulers and authorities in the heavenly places.

Ephesians 3.10a - The Body of the Saved - the Church

  1. 3.10a - It is through the church that God displays His great wisdom to the armies of heaven and hell. That is, through you and me. 
    1. I want you to see the church, not as an organization, but as people.
    2. The church is being gathered from all nations.
  2. He is still at work gathering people out of the world.

Ephesians 3.8b - The Preaching of Jesus’ Unsearchable Riches

  1. 3.8-9 - What was Paul’s job as an apostle?
  2. Now, make the application. Your job is to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ.
  3. Have you ever thought of what are the unsearchable riches?
    1. 2.12 - Focus on our condition before Christ: separated; alienated; strangers; without hope; without God.
    2. 2.13 - Your salvation has made you near to God...
    3. 2.19 - This is the gospel message! This is the good news! It’s our message today!

Ephesians 3.7-8A - God Can Use You, Regardless of Your Past

  1. 3.7-8a - Paul was who he was by the grace of God.
    1. Who was Paul? I am the very least of all the saints...
    2. God can use you, regardless of your past. We all have a past.
  2. God knows what He is doing with your life. See Jeremiah 29.11, 13.


  1. Will you yield to His hand? 
  2. As you do, you’ll be along with countless others in the church whom God has set on display as a marvelous testimony of His wisdom, His grace, love, and mercy.
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