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Why You Need the Church

Series: The Church: A Place of Refuge

As we move into spring, we want to focus on the role of the church in your life. How connected are you to the local church? How much is it a part of your life? When we look at the Scriptures we see that God has given us the church. The result of coming to Christ is to be associated with and connected to other believers. God has a purpose for the church in your life. He has designed it to be a place of refuge, comfort, and hope.

Isaiah’s prophecy against Jerusalem & Judah:

  1. Isaiah 3 details events that would take place 150 years in the future.
  2. 3.24-4.1 - there is a level of desperation here that was very hard for them to imagine. 4.1 - complete devastation - 7 women for every man.
  3. Lamentations 1.6-7, 9, 20-22 describes the total shock and awe they experienced after the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem during the spring/summer of 586 BC.

Isaiah 4.2-6 - In That Day…

  1. This section is a nice parallel to 2.2-4. 
    1. 2.2-4 describes the outward exaltation of Zion.
    2. 4.2-6 describes the inward glory of Zion as one that is now purified and sanctified.
  2. 4.2 - traditional interpretation of this verse has viewed the branch to refer to Jesus.
    1. See Jeremiah 23.5; 33.15; and Zechariah 3.8; 6.12. There the Branch is tied to David. But in Isaiah 4.2, this is the branch of Yahweh.
    2. God is looking at a time when He has consecrated for Himself a new people who will be responsive to Him.
  3. 4.3 - That glory is due personal purity. (He will be called holy.)
  4. 4.4 - These have been washed and cleansed. For what purpose?
  5. 4.5 - So that we can dwell under His canopy. The Lord will create … a canopy.
    1. God’s wants to share His presence as closely as possible. (See 43.1-5)
    2. Think “porch” or a “covering that serves as a roof to shelter an area from the weather.” The word can also refer to the “bridal chamber.”
    3. Mount Zion is the name given to the church - Hebrews 12.22-23.
  6. 4.6 - Here we see the feature of protection against any hostile elements that might be encountered.
    1. “Shelter” comes from a word that means hiding place.
    2. Revelation 21.22-27 is the ultimate fulfillment of what we read in Isaiah 4.2-6.

What does This Have to do with Me and the church?

  1. God has a purpose for the church in your life. He added you to it. 
  2. He has designed it as a place of refuge, comfort, and hope.


  1. Many Americans tell themselves they don’t need the church. They want Jesus without the church.
  2. If your connection with the church is not what it should be, then your relationship with Jesus is not where it should be. 
  3. Please reach out for God and let Him go to work in your heart.
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