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Series: The Church: A Place of Refuge

As imitators of God, it should become natural for us to look for ways to share God’s message of hope and peace. How much are you allowing God to work through you in order to impact the lives of others? This is important. For some, the church has become anything but refuge. For them, it led to an experience full of hurt, antagonization, and disillusionment. Our job is to try to meet people where they are and demonstrate the love of God.  

A Look at People Who Struggle

  1. 5.14 - the wayward. ESV: Idle. NASU: unruly.
    1. These are those no following through on their responsibilities.
    2. Constantly on the outside - never part of the group that is working.
  2. 5.14 - the worried. ESV: fainthearted. 
    1. People prone to sadness; despair; and discouragement.
    2. Can’t seem to rise above their circumstances and troubles.
  3. 5.14 - the weak. These are those who lack strength. 
  4. 5.14 - those who are wearisome. Some will just wear you out.
  5. 5.15 - those who are wicked. Gossip, jealousy, slander, or covetousness.

How to Help Others:

  1. 5.14 - sometimes people have to be admonished. “To put sense in it.”
  2. 5.14 - some people need to be encouraged. “To speak to someone by coming close to his side.”
    1. See 2.7-8: Consolation; comfort; strength; reassurance; cheering up; refreshed.
  3. 5.14 - some need help. “Hold firmly to.” “To cling to.” “To support them.”
    1. There is a personal touch here. It is involvement in the life of someone else.
  4. 5.14 - with some, we’ll need to be patient. See Isaiah 63.7-9; Matthew 18.21-22.
  5. 5.15 - with those who actively try to hurt us, we’re to not respond in retaliation.  Instead, we are to seek to do good to one another and to everyone.

Who Can You Help?

  1. Right now, in this place, someone is hurting. 
  2. Who can you help? Who needs your support? Who needs your prayers? 
  3. Who is weak spiritually that you can help train up and build up?
  4. Who had a bad week last week and just needs cheered up?


  1. Will you be an admonisher? Encourager? Helper? Someone who is patient, committed to doing good in all circumstances?
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