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Series: The Church: A Place of Refuge

 More often than not, David was surrounded by enemies. As we read Psalm 62, we find David in danger, but in spite of that, he is not worrying about his enemies, but trusting God. If you are struggling, this is a Psalm for you. This psalm is not a prayer. It is not a lament. It is testimony that God alone is worthy of our implicit trust. God, who has all power, dwells in unrelenting love, and moves with uncompromising justice is all sufficient as our strength and stay.

PSALM 62.1-4 - A Declaration: God is Our Sure Refuge:

  1. 62.1, 5 - waits in silence: describes a quietness of soul or an inner stillness that can only come when a person has yielded all fears and insecurities to God in an act of trust.
    1. The critical point is in 62.2 where David says he is trusting in God alone.
    2. David is not trusting something other than God, nor is he trusting God and something else, or God and someone else. His trust is in God only, and that is why he is so confident.

Psalm 62.5-8 - An Exhortation: God Can be Trusted by All

  1. 62.5 is an imperative: For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence.
  2. There is a subtle change between 62.2, 6. As we move forward we grow stronger. Our trust grows stronger. Before: he would not be greatly shaken. Spoken from a position of trust. Now, experience: I shall not be shaken.
  3. 62.7 - Life in God Alone: On God rests my salvation…
    1. God was the source of his life in the most profound sense.
    2. David is not thinking about his enemies - he’s totally focused on God.
  4. 62.8 - David’s desire was for people to rest on the promises of God at all times.

Psalm 62.9-12 - An Admonition: Trust in God,  not Wealth and Power 

  1. 62.9 - Do not put your trust in man. Whatever a person’s rank, wealth, or power, men and women are merely a breath which vanishes away.
    1. They are but a breath, “…a puff of wind,” (NEB)
  2. 62.10 - Do not put your trust in wealth, especially that which is obtained through oppression and bribery. 62.10b - If riches increase, set not your heart on them.
  3. 62.11-12 - What is said here is worthy of repetition:
    1. 62.11 - Power belongs to God
    2. 62.12a - To you, O Lord, belongs steadfast love.
    3. 62.12b - For you will reward each person according to what he has done.


  1. If you’re looking for a place of refuge, a place of safety, a place where you can start over and experience God’s forgiveness … you’ve found that place today.
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