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Abundantly Supplied

Series: The Church: A Place of Comfort

Philippians 4.10-20 largely focuses on the contentment of Paul and the Philippian church’s role in supplying his needs. If we are to find comfort as we go through life, we will need to reorder our perspective - as an individual and as a church. This passage shows us how.

Understanding Paul’s situation

  1. Acts 28.30 - he found himself a prisoner, confined to a small apartment. Acts 28.16 - guarded 24 hours by a Roman soldier.
  2. And yet, despite these grave circumstances, what do we see? 

Philippians 4.10-13 - Finding Comfort Individually 

  1. 4.10 - Trust in God’s confidence.
    1. 4.10a - Now they revived their concern for him. Revive: “bloom again.”
    2. Underlying this verse is Paul’s patient confidence in the providence of God.
    3. Romans 8.28 - God orders all things according to His purpose.
    4. See Psalm 9.9-12. God does not forget the cry of the afflicted.
  2. 4.11 - Be satisfied with little.
    1. Has deep needs. But yet, doesn’t acknowledge any discomfort. 
    2. Our culture today desperately needs to put this principle into practice.
  3. 4.12 - Live independent of circumstances
    1. 4.11b - In any and every circumstance - Paul was the same. Contentment is utterly indifferent to and independent of circumstances.
    2. 4.12 - I have learned the secret… See 2 Corinthians 4.16-5.1.
  4. 4.13 - Trust in God’s Sustaining Power
    1. 4.13 - I can do. Literally, I can endure. How?
      1. Isaiah 40.29, 31 - This is how in the hardest of circumstances that we can experience the greatest comfort.
      2. 2 Corinthians 12.10 - contentment is a byproduct of distress.
    2. 4.13 - All things. We have the power to go through every circumstance. God promises to provide inner strength to every believer.

Philippians 4.14-20 - Finding Comfort through God’s people

  1. How congregations provide their members with comfort:
    1. 4.14-17 - Expressions of love.
      1. 1.9 - To allow their love to abound more and more.
      2. 2.3-4 - Love places the interests of others above your own.
    2. 4.18 - Generosity. Three statements summarize Paul’s joyous gratitude:
      1. 4.18a - I have received full payment. It’s like Paul’s receipt for their gift.
      2. 4.18b - I have been well supplied. Paul was simply overwhelmed…
      3. 4.18c - A sacrifice acceptable and pleasing to God. An act of worship to God.
  2. 4.19 - Because of this - what does Paul say?


  1. You can’t have Jesus without His church. You need Him for salvation and His people for encouragement and strength. Do you know Him?
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