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Hope in the Lord

Series: The Church: A Place Of Hope

Today I want us to explore Psalm 130. It says that no matter how deep you are in despair - you can cry out to God for forgiveness - knowing that He abounds in abundant redemption. Think how the church fits in here. We’re in this together with other frail and mistake prone humans who need encouragement just like us.

I. Psalm 130.1-2 - Cry out to God for Mercy

  1. Psalm 130.1 - This begins with feeling the depths of our guilt.
  2. Psalm 130.2 - No matter how far gone you are - you can always cry out to God.
  3. Question: Do you think we sometimes have a flippant or much too casual view of sin and subsequent forgiveness?

II. Psalm 130.3-4 - Forgiveness Leads to Fear

  1. Psalm 130.3 - without forgiveness, where do you stand?
    1. What if God were to tally up all your sins and actually hold you accountable?
    2. Those who think they can get by without knowing God, coming to Jesus, and just rely on their own goodness will have a very rude awakening.
  2. Psalm 130.4 - God’s forgiveness leads to fear or reverence.
    1. Maybe 130.4 sounds a little awkward. Forgiveness leads to ….fear?
    2. We stand before God knowing He had every right to condemn us.

III. Psalm 130.5-6 - Waiting and Hoping For God

  1. Psalm 130.5a - We wait for the Lord, God himself.
  2. Psalm 130.5b - in what do we hope?  In His word I hope. See Philippians 1.6; Romans 8.29; 1 Peter 1.3-4.
  3. Psalm 130.6 - We wait and hope in confident expectation.
    1. Analogy of the watchman waiting for the morning is repeated for emphasis.
    2. We wait on God expectantly and with certainty.

IV. Psalm 130.7-8 - Experiencing God’s Forgiveness Makes You Want Others to Experience it

  1. Psalm 130.7 - With God there is steadfast love. God is not mean and gruff. He is loving and merciful. See Psalm 103.8-14.
    1. Psalm 130.7 - Note here: plentiful redemption.
    2. Psalm 130.8 - He will redeem Israel from all his iniquities. God’s forgiveness will cover all your sin.


  1. Luke 1.78 - tender mercy.
  2. Our sins and lawless deeds, He will remember no more.
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