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What It Takes To Be A Disciple

Series: All of Self and None of Thee

Luke 14.33 - How far are you willing to go? Will you abandon everything for Jesus? This summer we’re talking about self-denial. Today, we’ll be talking about the Rich Young Ruler in Matthew 19. Perhaps there is no better example of someone in Scripture who, at least to this point in life, lived solely for self. The problem is … he couldn’t see it. What does this passage teach us about eternal life? How do you obtain eternal life?


  1. You have to know what you want before you can seek it.
  2. 19.16 - Behold…. Captures the amazement that this person - of all people - would come forth & admit he didn’t have eternal life.
  3. What did he desire? Eternal life. He wanted to be alive to God. Living with a spiritual consciousness. Unaffected by death.


  1. 19.16 - There is an urgency here. He just blurts things out.
    1. Skip to 19.20 where he goes through what he does religiously - what do I still lack? Can you hear his frustration?
  2. This is the cry of the heart for a desperate need.

Seek the Right person

  1. 19.16 - he sought Jesus. He came up to him.
    1. Mark 10.17 - he came running. This is important. Enthusiastically in pursuit.
    2. He knelt before Jesus. Serious. Motivated. Doesn’t mind losing face.

Ask The Right Question

  1. Mark 10.17 - What must I do to inherit eternal life?
    1. Matthew 19.16 - what good deed must I do to have eternal life?
  2. Matthew 19.17  - Jesus answers with a question
    1. Why are you asking me what is good? Just keep all the commands. If you would enter life, keep the commandments.
  3. 19.18a - Which ones?
  4. 19.18-19 - Jesus lists out the 2nd half of the 10 commandments.
  5. 19.20 - RYR: All these I have kept. What do I still lack? He’s thinking: I’m not that bad.
  6. 19.20 - What do I still lack? He’s asking What haven’t I done? Pure self-righteousness.
  7. Mark 10.21 - Jesus, looking at him, loved him.

Submit to Jesus:

  1. 19.21 - Jesus: you say you love your neighbor as yourself - go give everything to your neighbor.
    1. Will you do what I want you to do? Who runs your life? You or me?
    2. 19.21 is the application of Luke 14.33.


  1. 19.22 - What decision did he make? He went away sorrowful for he had great possessions.
  2. All of self, and none of thee. This is the RYR, at least at this point in his life.
    1. We can see where he went wrong. What about us?
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