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Don't Be Sluggish

Series: Some of Self and Some of Thee

During July, we’re talking about the dangers of spiritual stagnation and ignorance. People can go to church for years, hear preaching/teaching over and over again and never really develop the type of commitment God demands. We can hinder our spiritual transformation by allowing ourselves to be held back by the world, or giving into apathy. Today, we’ll look at a rebuke, plea, warning, and an encouragement.

5.11-14 - REBUKE

  1. 5.11-12 - you have become dull of hearing. They should have been teaching. 
  2. 5.13-14 - Like a baby who needs milk.

6.1-3 - PLEA

  1. 6.1 - go on to maturity. How? Leave the elementary things behind.
  2. This is a prominent matter being addressed in Hebrews. See 2.1; 3.13-14; 4.1; 6.12; 10.23, 36; 12.1. 3.13-14 - hold our original confidence firm to the end.
  3. 6.1b-2 - three areas of foundational teachings we must build on.

6.4-8 - WARNING

  1. 6.6 - It is possible to fall away. To abandon a former relationship or association.
  2. 6.4b, 6a - Paul is writing to Christians.
    1. 6.4b - These have once been enlightened. 6.6a - These then have fallen away.
    2. Wording indicates a past historic reality. Refer again to 6.4b-5.
  3. 6.4a, 6.6b - If a person falls away, they can’t be restored so long as they persist in rejecting Christ. Some can drive to the point they won’t respond.
    1. 6.4a - it is impossible… 6.6b - to restore them again to repentance.
    2. How is this the case? 6.6c - they are crucifying once again the Son of God…
  4. 6.6d - God will be faithful in His response. (to their own harm.)
    1. 10.26-27; Romans 11.22 - God is a God of kindness and severity.
    2. Hebrews 6.7-8 is a further illustration of 6.6.


  1. 6.9 - beloved - stands out because it contains the most tender expression - after having just offered out the most harsh words of warning.
  2. 6.9b - better things:  What is that? The salvation Paul expects from his readers.
      1. 6.10a - the character of God. God is not unjust. God is always faithful.
      2. 6.10b - the evidence of their salvation: their work and love … 
  3. 6.11 - Paul is saying keep on showing. Don’t give up.
    1. Same earnestness: Make haste; be quick; be eager.
    2. 6.12 - why is this so important? So that you may not be sluggish.


  1. God intends your relationship with Him to be dynamic. 
  2. When is the last time your heart has been stirred?
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