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Remember Your Salvation

Series: Some of Self and Some of Thee

 2 Peter 1.12-15 - Sometimes we need to remember what we already know and refresh ourselves with what has already been established. James 1.22-24 - It’s not enough to look and then go away - if we do we’ll forget. The emphasis here is to continue to look over and over, so we’ll remember what we saw.  We can go through seasons where our faith goes through a downturn. Today, we’ll focus on 5 things we need to remember.

2 Peter 1.1-2 - Remember The Reality of Your Salvation

  1. 1.1 - We have obtained faith, given by Jesus.
  2. 1.2 - We have had grace and peace multiplied to us in the knowledge of God and Jesus. So what is Peter saying? Don’t forget your salvation. It came from God.

2 Peter 1.3-4 - Remember The Riches of Your Salvation

  1. You have:
    1. 1.3 - all things that pertain to life and godliness. 1.4a - precious and very great promises.
    2. 1.4b - been made (a) partaker of the divine nature. 1.4c - escaped from the corruption that is in the world.
  2. You have it all in Christ.

2 Peter 1.5-7 - Remember the Responsibility of Your Salvation 

  1. 1.5 - for this very reason, make every effort to supplement your faith. 
  2. We have to be a participant in the sanctification process. How?
    1. Virtue - excellence - being like Jesus. Knowledge - practical wisdom - a living goodness. Self control - breaking the will to sin.
    2. Steadfastness - a preserving courage that never gives up. Godliness - reverence, an awareness of God’s presence in your life. Brotherly kindness - deep, compassionate friendship; caring for one another.
    3. Love - self sacrificing, humble service.

2 Peter 1.8 - Remember The Reward of Your Salvation

  1. 1.8a - These qualities - What does God want to produce in you?
  2. 1.8b - These qualities need to be increasing. “to be more than enough.”
  3. 1.8c - ineffective. “idle; lazy; show; useless; unproductive.”
  4. 1.8d - unfruitful. The imagery shifts to a tree.

2 Peter 1.9-11 - The Rest of Your Salvation

  1. 1.9 - When you’re not putting these qualities in your life - you forfeit any assurance of salvation.
  2. 1.10 - therefore, …be all the more diligent… Why? To make your calling and election sure. “Firm; certain.” Word is used to describe deep roots.
    1. If you practice these qualities you will never fall.
  3. 1.11 - richly provided… See also: 2 Timothy 4.8; Hebrews 4.9; 12.28; 1 Peter 5.4; Revelation 2.10; 22.12


  1. Have you forgotten your salvation? Do you have the rest, the confidence, that comes from an obedient faith?
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