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Living is Christ

Series: None of Self and All of Thee

Paul never lost sight of his joy - no matter the circumstance. When things collapse, it pushes you deeper into trust and faith. As you are pushed deeper, what you wind up with is unmitigated joy of  faith, which is far richer than the passing joy of experience. Today’s message should speak to a very deep, real need in our life.

Philippians 1.19c - Confidence in God’s Precepts

  1. 1.19c - For I know that…this will turn out for my deliverance.
    1. For I know - absolute certainty. Unequivocal. 
    2. Deliverance refers to “salvation, well-being, or escape.”
  2. Job 13.16 contains the exact same wording in the Greek New Testament or Septuagint.
  3. The precepts in the word of God communicate that God delivers the righteous. See  Psalm 18.16-19.

Philippians 1.19a - Confidence in the Prayers of the Saints

  1. Philippians 1.19a - through your prayers…
    1. God brings His purposes to pass in concert with the prayers of the saints.
      1. He knew he had their prayers.
    2. Romans 15.30 - Paul called on people to pray for him. See Ephesians 6.18-19.

Philippians 1.19b - Confidence in the Help of the Spirit

  1. Philippians 1.19b - the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ…
  2. Help means “to supply” or “make provision for.”
  3. In the New Testament, the Spirit is presented as a provider.
    1. John 14.26 - He provided the disciples with teaching and reminded them of what to say. Even for us, the Spirit will bring the resources of God.
    2. Galatians 5.22-23 - He adds his fruit to our life.
  4. Romans 8.27-28 - What makes this possible? Is it the help of the Spirit here?

Philippians 1.20a - Confidence in the Promise of Christ

  1. 1.20a - my eager expectation. “To watch, with outstretched head.”
  2. 1.20b - Total confidence…
    1. Isaiah 49.23 - those who wait for me shall not be put to shame.
    2. Romans 9.33 - whoever believes in Him will not be put to shame.

Philippians 1.20c-21 - Confidence in the Plan of God

  1. 1.21 - Notice how he has completely resigned to God’s plan.
    1. If he had a choice, he preferred to depart: 1.23. But, 1.24-26.
  2. 1.22 - If it was God’s plan to live - he would boldly preach.
  3. 1.21 is the capstone. For Paul, living is Christ. Dying is gain. He lived only to serve Christ. To commune with him. He had no other concept of life.


  1. All of self, none of thee.  What are you living for?
  2. If you died today, would it be gain?
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