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Gain or Loss?

Series: None of Self and All of Thee

Today, we’re going to focus on Paul’s writing in Philippians 3.3-8. He had all the credentials. If anyone could have put confidence in the flesh — he would have had the ability to do so — far above the majority of Jews. In 3.4-7 he talks about what he lost. In 3.8-11 he talks about what he gained. In the middle is Christ. Today, we’re going to talk about 7 things he walked away from in order to gain Christ.

Philippians 3.4-11 - Understanding the Imagery

  1. In these verses, Paul pictures salvation as an exchange or transaction.
    1. 3.7a - gain means profit.
    2. 3.7c, 8 - loss refers to a business loss.
    3. 3.8 - count refers to “to deem or reckon to be; to account.”
  2. 3.8 - notice what he now regards the former things: as rubbish.
    1. Worthless. Unwanted. Trash. Manure. Filth.
    2. 3.5-6 - here’s what had been in the profit column.

Philippians 3.5-6 - What Paul Left Behind:

  1. Philippians 3.5 - Things he inherited:
    1. 3.5a - circumcised on the eighth day - salvation by ritual. an eighth-dayer…
      1. Salvation is not by rite, ceremony, sacrament, routine, or 5 point plan.
    2. 3.5b - of the people of Israel - salvation by race. Of the stock of Israel.
      1. No religious virtue is gained by brith.
    3. 3.5c - of the tribe of Benjamin - salvation by rank.
      1. Benjamin was one of the elite tribes. God wasn’t impressed.
  2. 3.5d-6 - Things he achieved:
    1. 3.5d - a Hebrew of Hebrews - salvation by tradition. See Acts 26.4-5.
      1. Loyalty to parents, family religion, traditional religion is of no profit.
    2. 3.5d - as to the law, a Pharisee - salvation by religious achievement.
      1. Paul took his religion to the highest level … and now it’s all rubbish.
    3. 3.6a - as to zeal, a persecutor of the church - salvation by sincerity.
      1. How zealous? See Acts 8.1, 3; 9.1-2. You can be zealous and still be lost.
    4. 3.6b - as to righteousness under the law, blameless - salvation by law.
      1. Paul says he was blameless. He was the model Jew. Now, it’s rubbish.

What Will You Count as Loss?

  1. 3.8-9 - What must you move out of the credit column so you may gain Christ?
  2. None of self. All of thee. The only thing in our credit column is Jesus!                                                                                                                                    


  1. When you meet Jesus you either drop all you’ve been counting on for salvation and take Him alone…Or you hold on to all that stuff and drop Christ.
  2. What will you decide?
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