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Fear Not

Series: Believe

 We live in cynical and disillusioned times. The problem is everywhere. How do we turn this around? It seems collectively that we as people have lost sense of our purpose. The passage we’ll be studying today not only identifies our purpose for living, but it also tells us about the God we serve.

Isaiah 42.18-25 - The Problem: Insensibility

  1. See 42.16-17 - background: blind nations needed the light.
  2. Now, 42.18-19. God’s servant is Israel. They are as blind as the pagan nations.
    1. Blind to what? 42.21 - The Lord was pleased, for His righteousness sake, to magnify his law and make it glorious.
    2. 42.22 - Israel didn’t do it. They failed miserably. 
    3. 42.23-25 - God brought his people under discipline.
  3. All of this applies to us. Is there evidence that you are adapting your life to His plan?

Isaiah 43.1-7 - The Remedy: Intervention

  1. 43.1a - But now… abrupt transition. It’s not about them, but about God and His grace. Similar to the contrast between Ephesians 2.1-3 and 2.4-10.
  2. 43.3 - I am the Lord, your God. I am your Savior.
    1. 43.1c - fear not,… I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. 
  3. Back up to 43.1b. Look at God’s commitments:
    1. I created you. I formed you. I have redeemed you. I have called you by name. You are mine.
    2. 43.2 - God will go with you into the water, across the river, through the flames.
  4. 43.3b-4 - God is not aloof.
    1. 43.4b - what’s the ultimate fulfillment of this verse?
    2. 43.4a - why? Now, look at Romans 8.28-30 - make it personal. 
  5. 43.7 - I have called you by my name, whom I have created for my glory, whom I formed and made. See also Ephesians 1.3-6.                          

Isaiah 43.8-13 - The Reason: Exclusivity

  1. 43.10 - you are my witnesses…, You and I have been recreated to glorify God as God.
    1. 43.11 - I, I am the Lord, and besides me there is no savior.
  2. 43.12-13 - I declared. I saved. I proclaimed.

Isaiah 43.14-21 - The Outcome: Newness

  1. Isaiah 43.14-15 - I am the Lord, your Holy One, the Creator of Israel, your King.”
  2. 43.16-19:
    1. 43.16-17 - the exodus from Egypt was not a 1 time event - it’s a pattern.
    2. 43.18-19 - Look for things God is doing today in your life.
  3. 43.20-21 - What does God get out of all this?


  1. Has life led you out into the wilderness? God will make a way.
  2. Spiritually are you out in the dry and desolate desert? God will bring a river of blessing.
  3. Will you call upon Him? Turn to Him? Submit to Him? 
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