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Doers of the Word

Series: Pursue

During October, we’ve been talking about the pursuit of God and His plan. Not only must we believe God and understand He never walks away from His promises, but we must actually respond in obedience and submission. Today, we end the month with one of the best passages that defines our pursuit. It is our response to the word of God.

Understanding the Context

  1. 1.18 contains the key: of his own will he brought us forth by the word of truth. The word of God is the primary element in this text.
    1. 1.21 - receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.
    2. 1.23 - the word is compared to a mirror.
    3. 1.25 - the word is called the perfect law of liberty.
  2. So verses 19-27 cover a person’s response to the word of God.
    1. 1.19-21 - how do you receive it?
    2. 1.22-27 - how do you respond to it?

James 1.19-21 - The Proper reception To the word of God.

  1. 1.19-20 - We receive the word of God with submission.
    1. 1.19a - be quick to hear - he’s talking about hearing the word of God. 
    2. 1.19b - slow to speak - “slow for the speaking.” Compare to James 3.1.
      1. 1.19c - slow to anger - think “smoldering resentment.” Implication is avoid any anger toward those who teach you or confront you with your sin.
      2. 1.20 - why? The anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.
  2. 1.21a - We receive the word of God in purity. Put away all filthiness….
  3. 1.21b - We receive the word of God with meekness. It is able to save our soul. 

James 1.22-27 - Three Reactions to God’s Word

  1. James 1.22a - be doers of the word,…It is not enough to hear. God’s word must be obeyed in life.
    1. 1.22a - doers…This word encompasses every part of who you are.
    2. 1.22b - and not hearers only,…“Hearer” was translated into latin as auditor.
    3. 1.22c - deceiving yourselves. “to delude; to miscalculate or reckon wrongly.”
  2. James 1.23-25 - an analogy.
    1. 1.23 - Looks intently “observe carefully.” What? His natural face in a mirror.
    2. 1.24a - he looks at himself and goes away. He looks. He leaves. And…
    3. 1.24b - he forgets what he was like.
    4. 1.25a - looks - “to stoop over or bend down to examine something with care and precision.”
    5. 1.25b - into what…. The perfect law, the law of liberty… It’s flawless.
    6. 1.25c - we must persevere in it. Keep on looking. Keep on studying.
    7. 1.25d - he will be blessed in his doing. The blessing is not in the hearing - it’s in the doing. See Joshua 1.8.


  1. Will you receive the word? Without deception … by putting it into action?
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