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God's Good Pleasure

Series: Trust

This quarter, we’re talking about accepting God’ plan with trust and hope. God has not recreated you and left you alone to your own devices. Ultimately, God’s children believe that He’ll carry us through life — all the way to heaven. If this is the case, why do so many Christians cope with fear? In this chapter, Jesus’ purpose is to calm the fears and concerns of His disciples.

Good Pleasure

  1. 12.32 - good pleasure simply means “it pleased God.” 
  2. Philippians 1.15 - Paul writes from prison - making remarks about the motives of those who preach. Focus on “Good will.”
  3. This is what Jesus means in Luke 12.32. God’s joy, desire, want, wish, hope, pleasure, gladness, and delight is to bring us into His kingdom.

Your Father

  1. In Luke 12.32 - every word was specifically chosen to help us rid ourselves of the fear that God will be constrained or act begrudgingly toward us.
    1. “Father” is meant to convey a sense of peace. God is our loving Father.
  2. From before the beginning of the world, God has been preparing a place for His children. It is ours by the right of inheritance.


  1. Luke 12.32 says that God gives us the kingdom.
  2. God is a mountain spring and not a watering trough. God delights to overflow, to give, give, give. God wants to satisfy our thirst for Him with His love.

Little Flock

  1. There are a number of metaphors in the verse.
    1. We are His flock - God is our shepherd.
    2. Think of Psalm 23 - How does God tend to His flock?
  2. Why the term “little” flock? It’s a term of affection and care.


  1. God promised a kingdom. Not money, fame, or earthly security.
  2. If you are in Christ, you are a citizen of that kingdom. 
    1. Philippians 3.20-21 - even though we aren’t yet in heaven - our home is not here. Our home is with God.
    2. Because we are citizens of God’s kingdom - we have full access to God.
      1. Hebrews 4.14-16; 7.23-27


  1. When God promises something, it is as good as done. Will you live your life in faith?
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