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Good Stewards of God's Grace

Series: Spiritual Service

1 Peter 4.7-11 could be summarized as God’s charge to us as while leading holy lives in a sinful world. Basically, it is a compact explanation of what the faithful Christian life looks like. Verses 10-11 are especially important as we begin the month of May. This month’s theme will focus on service. There is really no better foundational passage for the topic of serving others than this. A right relationship with God leads to loving one another earnestly, which leads to a life of effective service.

  1. 4.7a - The Catalyst for Faithful Living
    1. The end of all things is at hand
    2. The idea is to live with expectancy of Jesus’ return at any moment.
      1. 1 Thessalonians 1.10 - to wait for His son from heaven.
      2. Can I truly say I’m waiting on His return?
    3. When is Jesus returning? Only God knows. 
      1. But...1 Peter 4.5 - Jesus is ready to judge the living and the dead
      2. If NT Christians were to told to live with constant expectation - and we’re living 2000 years later - how much nearer are we?
  2. 4.7b-11a - Directions for Faithful Living:
    1. 4.7b - Maintain a holy relationship with God. 
      1. 4.7b - sober-minded - “to keep one’s head.” To fix your mind on holiness.
      2. 4.7b - sober-minded - “watchful and on alert.”
      3. 4.7c - why important? For the sake of your prayers.
    2. 4.8-9 - Sustain loving relationships with others.
      1. 4.8a - keep loving one another earnestly
      2. Not with complacency or with minimal effort -- but strained, stretchable, and with intensity.
      3. 4.8b - why do you love this way? Love covers a multitude of sins.
    3. 4.10-11a - Live a life of service.
      1. 4.10b - serve one another.
      2. 4.10a - as each has received a gift. A gift is a way of ministry (service.)
      3. 4.10c - as good stewards… we will be held responsible for how we manage our gift.
      4. 4.10c - of God’s varied grace… “manifold, multicolored.”
      5. 4.11a - Two types of gifts: Whoever speaks / Whoever serves
      6. 4.11a - Must use the gifts properly:
        1. Speak as the oracles of God - not your own ideas.
        2. Serve by the strength God supplies.
  3. 4.11b - The Purpose for Faithful Living
    1. This is the goal in all we do.
    2. We no longer live for ourselves, but for the one who saved us.
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