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Cleansing a Leper

Series: Faith in Action

There are nine miracles in Matthew 8-9 - all demonstrating Jesus’ credentials as the Messiah. In this lesson we will focus on the two main characters in the first miracle: the leper himself and the divine healer. We’ll close by discovering three applications you can apply to your life.

The Leper

  1. His wish:
    1. Matthew 8.2b - to be cleansed from leprosy.
    2. Luke 5.12 - he was “full of leprosy .” For the Jew, there was nothing worse.
    3. Mark 1.40 - the leper  implored  Jesus. He’s begging. Pleading. Desperate.
  2. His worship:
    1. Matthew / Mark say the leper  knelt  before Jesus.
    2. Luke says he fell down on his face before Jesus.
      1. See his humility; respectfulness; and reverence.
      2. Luke 5.12 - addresses Jesus as “ Lord .”
    3. Nothing casual or irreverent here. He knows who Jesus is and he knows who he is.
  3. His will:
    1. 8.2: If  YOU  will, YOU can make me clean.
      1. He makes no demands on Jesus. He simply casts himself on his mercy and grace.
      2. This is the highest level of faith.

The Healer

  1. His compassion:
    1. Mark 1.41 - Jesus was “moved with  pity .” This is God. See 1 Peter 5.7; Psalm 55.22.
  2. The touch:
    1. The synoptics describe it exactly the same:  Jesus  stretched  out his hand. 
    2. This would have been shocking to the crowd. Unprecedented.
    3. See how the Son of God will lovingly condescend to touch an outcast.
  3. The statement:
    1. The synoptics contain the same response: “I will.  Be clean .”
    2. All 3 write that the leprosy was “ immediately ” gone.

Three Things to Take Away:

  1. See your need for Jesus.
    1. Sin is pervasive. Ugly. Loathsome. Communicable. Incurable. 
    2. See sin for what it is and the desperate situation in which it places you.
  2. Act on your faith.
    1. The leper didn’t just think about it … he got up and walked. He approached Jesus.
    2. That’s what some need to do today. 
  3. Obey the law of God.
    1. 8.4 - “ offer the gift  that Moses commanded…”
    2. Just follow through.


  1. Have you been cleansed?
  2. Do you see your great need for Jesus?
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