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Touching Jesus' Garment

Series: Faith in Action

An ongoing challenge for many Americans, especially many church-goers is to appreciate the lengths God has gone to save us. Do we have good comprehension on how sin leads to brokenness? Most of us probably work hard to cover up the brokenness in our lives. This can’t last forever. We can’t heal the brokenness on our own. The only way to find peace / forgiveness is to seek it out in the open and trust the Savior who will provide healing for our greatest need. That’s the message of the story we’ll look at in this lesson.

Matthew 9.18-19 - Jesus’ desire to heal and restore life:

  1. Matthew 9.18a - behold, a ruler
    1. Mark 5.22; Luke 8.41 - identify the ruler as Jairus.
    2. Luke 8.41 - Luke connects him with preeminent position and status …
  2. Matthew 9.18b - Jairus knelt before him. …Honoring Jesus’ power and compassion.
  3. 9.19 - Jesus heads for Jairus’ house. See Isaiah 42.3a - Jesus brings rest, restoration, and strength.

9.20-21 - Scandalous faith:

  1. Mark 5.24b - a great crowd followed him and thronged about him…
  2. Mark 5.25-28 - woman with an issue of blood approaches Jesus…
    1. Completely desperate. See 5.26. Luke 8.43 - she could not be healed by anyone.  
    2. An unbearable condition; a stigma; no part of her life unaffected.
  3. Matthew 9.21 - she said to herself … imperfect tense … “She kept on saying this … over and over.”

9.22 - Jesus embraces her need:

  1. 9.22 - Take heart, daughter, your faith has made you well. 
  2. Luke 8.45-48 - a few more details. God healed her. Jesus is not ashamed of her.
  3. 9.22b - what was her need? Her greatest need? “Well” refers to salvation from sin.

9.23-26 - Jesus’ authority over death:

  1. 9.23 - now Jesus arrives at Jairus’ house.
  2. 9.24 - Go away, for the girl is not dead but sleeping
  3. 9.25 - crowd is put out.  Luke 8.54 - Jesus takes the dead girls hand and says, “Child arise.”

Three things for us:

  1. We all come to God with an imperfect faith. 
    1. You do not have to have it all figured out to possess a faith that pleases God.
    2. You can start from wherever you are.
  2. You cannot do this on your own.
    1. Mark 5.25-26 - woman spent all her resources on remedies that didn’t work.
    2. You need to reach out in total dependence and touch God by faith.
  3. Life is the great equalizer.
    1. Matthew 9.18 - Jairus’ wealth, education, and power didn’t protect him.
    2. We’re all the same.


  1. The message of Scripture summarized: “Come.” See Matthew 11.28-30.
  2. When you come, trust that you’ll hear take heart, your faith has made you well. 
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