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Restoring Sight and Sound

Series: Faith in Action

In Jesus’ ministry, there are more miracles of giving sight than any other. There are At least six instances recorded, all different cases. Today’s story is only recorded in Matthew and is likely a separate incident from the healing of Bartimaeus in Jericho. Today we’ll examine Matthew 9.27-34. We’ll talk again about Jesus’ power to heal, the faith of those who sought Him, and end the lesson with three practical lessons we can apply to life.

Matthew 9.27-30a - Jesus Responds to Faith

  1. 9.27b - two blind men are following. They’re crying aloud as they go.
  2. 9.27c -Son of David is a title for the Messiah. They plead for mercy.
  3. 9.28b - Jesus pointedly asks: “Do you believe that I am able to do this?”
  4. 9.28c - when they say, “Yes, Lord.” they:
    1. Affirm publicly that Jesus is able to do what they asked.
    2. Affirm Jesus is more than just a notable or persuasive teacher.
    3. Affirm Jesus is a spiritual leader - capable of delivering them from sin.
  5. 9.29a - Jesus touched their eyes. Personal. Communicating to deepest needs.
    1. 9.29b - According to your faith be it done to you… i.e., “because you have faith.” “You believe. You have it.”
    2. 9.30a - their eyes were opened. Instantaneous. No delay.

9.30b-33a - They couldn’t help but tell others

  1. 9.30b - Jesus sternly warned them, “See that no one knows about it.
    1. 9.31 - Instead - they went away and spread his fame.
  2. 9.32-33 - A mute, demon-possessed man was brought to him.
    1. 9.33a - Jesus cast the demon out. The mute man spoke.
    2. Isaiah 35.4b-6 is brought to life…

9.33b-34 - The Response to Jesus’ Power

  1. 9.33b - and the crowds marveled, that is, they were amazed beyond belief.
  2. 9.34 - The Pharisees: “He casts out the demons by the prince of the demons.” 

Three Things for Us

  1. Faith in Action is characterized by persistence. How persistent are we?
  2. Faith in Action is characterized by dependence on God.
  3. Faith in Action is characterized by selfless humility.
    1. They can’t see who He is … or they don’t want to.
    2. Luke 2.34 - The prophet Simeon said that Jesus was appointed for the fall and rising of many in Israel.
    3. How you receive Jesus will determine your eternal destiny.


  1. Psalm 1.3-4: Will you be like the tree or the chaff? 
  2. Isaiah 29.18. Will you open your ears? Will you open your eyes?
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