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The Power of Personal Invitation

Series: Evangelism & Church Growth

John 1:29-51 provides us with some interesting insights into the lives of some fascinating people (Jesus, John, Andrew, Peter, and Nathaniel). John the Baptist declared that Jesus is the Lamb of God. John and Andrew immediately began following Jesus. Andrew found his brother Peter. Philip found Nathanael. It all began with a personal invitation.

Focus on Andrew:

  1. Andrew is referred to 12 times in Scripture, only once is he mentioned without any connection to Peter.
  2. From the moment he believed, Andrew began bringing other people to Christ.
    1. John 1:40-42. This is the thing that most characterized Andrew’s life.
      1. 1:42a - He brought Peter to Jesus. 
      2. Andrew was never famous – always seems to be overshadowed by his brother. Peter may have had the electricity – but Andrew was the magnet.
      3. John 12:20-22. Philip was approached by Greeks who wanted to see Jesus. Philip took them to Andrew & Andrew took them to Jesus.
    2. After Acts 1:13 – he is not mentioned again in Scripture.

What Can We Learn from Andrew?

  1. Andrew shows us the glory of the ordinary.
    1. God calls not only great leaders, but also great followers.
    2. Ephesians 6.6-8 - men/women who do the will of God from the heart, rendering service with a good will
  2. Andrew always seems to be interested in other people.
    1. God knows that it sometimes takes an Andrew to reach a Peter!
    2. Matthew 28.19-20 - The method prescribed by Jesus really works!

There is power in personal invitation:

  1. Share with others why you worship God.
  2. Tell them how being close to God has made all the difference in your life.
  3. Let them understand how your spiritual life helps you see your blessings more clearly.
  4. Let them know how Jesus has gotten you through every single difficulty in life.


  1. How is our love for others? Are we earnestly working to bring others to Christ?
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