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Series: Worship

What does it mean to worship? Why must it become such an integral part of our spiritual life? It is part of our communion and fellowship with God. Both private and public aspects of worship are absolutely necessary to a vibrant and fulfilling relationship with God. They should feed off of each other. But we must be purposeful and intentional in directing our thoughts and forming our habits. We need to pray for help and guidance in taking our spiritual life to where God desires.

Background on Psalm 95:

  1. An “enthronement psalm.” See also Psalm 47; 93; and 96-99.
  2. Probably connected to the Feast of Booths. See Leviticus 23.33-44. 

95.1-2 - A Call to Worship

  1. Worship is expressed through rejoicing: sing and joyful noise.
    1. See Ephesians 5.19: the natural result of a heart saturated with the Spirit. 
  2. 95.2a - come into His presence means to “go to meet God face-to-face,”
  3. 95.2b - we do so with a spirit of thanksgiving.

95.3-7a - Three Reasons Why We Worship

  1. 95.3 - Because of who God is. God is a great God, and a great King above all gods. See Psalm 96.4; 113.3-5; 145.3.
  2. 95.4-5 - Because He is the Creator. All creation is His - He made it.
    1. 95.4 - vertically … God owns His creation from top to bottom.
    2. 95.5 - now, horizontally … He made the sea and his hands formed the dry land. 
  3. 95.6-7a - Because He is Our God.
    1. 95.6 - Worship; Bow down; Kneel… demonstrations of humility.
    2. 95.7 - We are His people and sheep.

95.7b-11 - The Proper Response: Heartfelt Obedience

  1. 95.7b - Today, if you will hear his voice. - We must heed His voice.
  2. 95.8-9 - We can’t worship God without a believing heart.
    1. 95.8 - references back to wilderness wanderings. Connect to Exodus 17.1-7.
    2. 95.9 - Israel put God to the test, even though they had seen my work.
  3. 95.10a - for 40 years I loathed that generation
  4. 95.10b - They are a people who go astray in their heart.
  5. 95.11 - God determined they would not enter the land of Canaan.

The Connection to Hebrews:

  1. 4 times the Hebrew writers references these verses:
    1. 3.13 - exhort one another daily
    2. 4.3 - By faith we enter the “rest” that remains for us.
    3. 4.5 - The “rest” was symbolized by the Sabbath day.
    4. 4.7 - Strive to enter the rest God will give and not fall short by disobedience.
  2. Psalm 95.7b NLT - Today - is the day for action. See the urgency.
  3. Psalm 95.9 - We need to resolve not to put God to the test.


  1. May we continually cultivate a worshipful heart.
  2. Psalm 96.4-13.
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