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Victorious Faith

Series: Sin is Always Sin

What do you think of when you hear the words “victorious faith?” What images come to your mind? It is such a wonderful thing to think about. Victory. Winning. Success. Conquering. Overcoming. That’s the goal and the idea behind our 2020 Vision plan. Developing a faith that is strong, steadfast, and immovable — just like Paul said, 1 Corinthians 15.58.

Victory inside the New Testament Context

  1. John 16.33 - Jesus: I have overcome the world. Jesus won. Defeated. Victorious.
  2. Romans 8.37-39 - more than conquerors.
  3. Revelation 12.10-11 - Conquered by the blood of the lamb and the word of His testimony.
    1. 21.6b-7 - ultimate victory … to the ones who conquer.
  4. 1 Corinthians 15.54 - victory over sin, law, and death.
  5. 1 John 2.13-14 - you have overcome the evil one.

Overcoming the World

  1. Note the emphasis on overcomers in 5.4-5.
    1. 5.4 - overcomes - Present tense. Continuous. Habitual. Permanent. Ongoing.
    2. Connect to Colossians 1.13 - has delivered us. Your deliverance is a settled fact

Three Characteristics of Victorious Faith

  1. 5.1 - Faith in the truth (doctrinal test)
    1. 5.1 YLT: “of God he hath been begotten.”
    2. When you believe in Jesus, you are literally “out of God.”
    3. Not just mere intellectual knowledge of the fact of the incarnation.... but heartfelt acceptance of all that Jesus Christ is.
    4. Now, connect to  5.4 - whatever is born of God overcomes the world., by “our faith.
  2. 5.2a - love of God and others (moral/ethical test)
    1. 1 John 2.10-11; 3.10, 17-19; 4.7, 21 - not just sentimental. It’s born out of a desire to honor/please God.
    2. Sacrificial love that longs to be with others and meet their needs as we can.
  3. 5.2b-3 - obedience. (practical test)
    1. 5.2b - “obey” his commandments: “to continue to do them.”
    2. 5.3a - “keep” his commandments: “to regard,” “to protect.”
      1. We’re eager to obey - that’s why 5.3b is so important: And his commandments are not burdensome.
      2. Connect to Matthew 11.28; John 14.15, 21


  1. 1 John 5.4 - Have you been born of God?
  2. Are you looking and trusting in God’s making you a super-conqueror?
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