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Responding to Relativist Culture

Series: Sin is Always Sin

God is the God of truth, Psalm 31.5. He is the ultimate reality. His instructions are right, Psalm 19.8. There is absolute certainty. This is being met with wholesale rejection today in society at large … and even with some within the church. Relativism is taking hold all across society, even though no one truly believes in it. No one can deny fixed truth exists, but some want to draw a line with spiritual and moral matters. Because the penalty is not so immediate, some believe I can do anything I want. This is nothing more than a lie. How can Christians respond effectively?

Refuse to be Worn Down

  1. It has become inconvenient to tell the truth. Offensive.
  2. How many of you feel worn out and weary … and really unclear as to how to respond to the onslaught of immorality and rot permeating our culture?
  3. Romans 1.32b - those who practice unrighteousness, not only do them but give approval to those who practice them. 
  4. We must refuse to be intimidated - 1 Peter 3.13-16…
    1. Move with gentleness / reverence. 
    2. Practice good behavior.

Expect to be Hated

  1. Revelation 22.15 speaks of those who love and practice falsehood.
    1. They look at Biblical truth as narrow, arrogant, intolerant, unloving.
    2. They hate those who live by it.
  2. Jesus: John 15.25 - They hated me without a cause. Connect to Psalm 69.4…
    1. We’re going to be hated … just like Jesus was.
    2. John 18.37b - we need to embrace the truth Jesus brought and share it with others. This is our mission. ..reflecting Jesus.
    3. 1 Corinthians 1.18, 23-24 - the gospel will always be offensive.
  3. John 8.34 - everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin. Sin is bondage.
    1. 8.36 - forgiveness of sin is freedom.
    2. 8.37 - you seek to kill me because my word finds no place in you.
    3. 8.40 - I spoke to you the truth that I heard from God.
  4. What is the only hope of someone in this condition? Truth.

Use Your Weapon

  1. 2 Corinthians 10.3 - we don’t do war according to the flesh.
    1. 10.4 - We use weapons that have divine power. They destroy strongholds.
    2. 10.5 - we’re called to demolish these arguments. To destroy their ideologies. …anything that is raised up against the knowledge of God.
  2. What’s the goal? Take every thought captive to obey Christ.
  3. What’s our weapon? Truth. How well do you know the truth?


  1. Jude 3a - Wish we could ignore it all and pretend all is well. But…
  2. Jude 3b - contend for the faith.
  3. John 8.32 - The truth will set you free. Have you been set free?
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