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Authenic Faith: Real Faith in a Real God

Series: Sin is Always Sin

Authentic Faith: Real Faith in a Real God

The previous monthly theme was called “Sin is Always Sin.” We identified the problem of sin and as a natural progression the solution, our need for God’s grace. As we head into January we will move into a discussion about “Authentic Faith.” In this lesson we will start where we ought in every discussion about authentic faith—real faith. The Real God.

  1. The Inescapable Reality of the One True God
    1. Exodus 3.14 I AM WHO I AM…and you can find Me
      1. This reality that God exists is the beginning of an Authentic or Real Faith.
      2. Hebrews 11.1 Faith is the assurance of things not seen. How do we have assurance? 1 Thessalonians 5.21 “Test everything.”
      3. Evidences: Truth, Judgment, Creation
    2. God—Hiding in Plain Sight (Matthew 7.7 Knock and it will be opened)
      1. Truth
        1. The existence of an absolute truth is inescapable
        2. John 18.37-38 Jesus, “I came to bear witness to the truth.”
        3. John 14.6 Jesus is the Truth…he died and rose to prove this. ((REF LEE STROBEL))
      2. Judgment
        1. This society hates judgment. Why? One can’t live without it.
        2. Matthew 7.1-5 “Judge not” Everyone judges…either hypocritically or Godly.
        3. Deuteronomy 32.4 God is the only possible objective moral standard.
      3. Creation
        1. Romans 1:20-21 Creation leaves the world without excuse for belief in a Creator.
        2. There MUST be a beginning.
        3.   Whatever created, space, time and matter…must be higher than those.
  2. The Greatest Evidence for God...the Redeemed Life
    1. Revelation 12.11, Romans 8... Our Victory is God’s Victory ((POINTS BACK TO HIM))
    2. A Person Who is Certain That God Is
      1. Massive contrast with someone without a standard.
      2. 1 Peter 3.15 Has answers, confidence in those answers.
      3. Romans 15.13 The peace that comes with knowing God, demonstrated in actions.
    3. A Person Confident in God’s Standard
      1. If you believe…you will move.
      2. Matthew 5.16 Let your light shine…show Christ to the world.
      3. Romans 1.16 Zero shame in the salvation of the gospel.
    4. A Person Who Has Been Made New in Christ
      1. Romans 12.2 You have something the world does not…Objectivity, Purpose.
      2. Ephesians 2.10 Created in Christ Jesus for good works…a masterpiece.
      3. God’s magnum opus is humanity. Satan’s goal is to break it, His goal is to redeem it. Are you broken or redeemed?
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