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Like the Original

Series: Authentic Faith

Like the Original

Who are we reflecting? Have you ever read 5.14-16 in connection with the rest of the sermon on the mount? These verses are a purpose statement and serve as a bridge between the beatitudes and the rest of the sermon, where Jesus tells us how to be light. This is authentic Christianity. If you want to see God’s intention for what the Christian life looks like … look no farther than Matthew 5-7. Will we participate in the process? If so, it will involve the greatest of commitment … the giving of everything … even our life.

Matthew 10.24:  Defining Discipleship

  1. 10.24 - a disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master.
    1. As disciples, we are learners.
    2. As servants, Jesus is our master.
  2. Luke 6.40 - here’s the same teaching from a more positive perspective. One day you will be like your teacher. Just like Jesus. Just like the original.
  3. How do we do this?
    1. 1 John 2.5-6 - whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.
    2. Matthew 28.20 - read from the perspective discipleship.
    3. Colossians 3.16a - let the word …dwell in you richly. Dominated by Jesus.
    4. 1 John 3.2 - this is the ultimate goal. We will be like Him. We will see him as He is.

Matthew 10.25 - The Price of Discipleship

  1. 10.25a - It is enough. True disciples seek nothing more.
    1. Philippians 3.10 - Paul’s desire: becoming like Him in his death.
    2. This is not about being loved by the world. It’s about being like Jesus. Christlikeness.
  2. 10.25b - an illustration:
    1. If they call Jesus Beelzebul, what do you expect they’ll call you?
    2. John 15.18-20  - the more you become like Christ, the more you’ll get it.
  3. Is this really being communicated?
    1. What are we teaching? Our kids? Seekers? The World?
    2. How many American Christians look very like the world?
    3. Why do so many in the church today simply float along? No direction?
    4. What will happen when the real challenges come?
  4. Matthew 5.13 - Use this passage as a gauge for your spiritual life.
    1. Have I lost my taste? How do I know if I have?
    2. The more you are like Jesus, the more the world will treat you like they treated Him.


  1. You can be just like the original!
  2. Does this appeal to you? Can we help you? Come to Jesus today!
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