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Times of Testing Produce Hope

Times of Testing Produce Hope

Today we are assembled remotely via telecast. It’s not optimal, but what a blessing. What we are doing today is a great way to foster unity among brethren, locally and across the nation and world. In this lesson we’ll study Romans 5.1-5. These verses show how  how we are linked or connected to God. This is important to remember, especially in times like these.

Three Great Realities in Your Spiritual Life

  1. You are at peace with God. You have been justified by faith. 
  2. You stand in grace.
    1. Grace is the operative principle of the kingdom.
      1. Hebrews 7.25b - he always lives to make intercession for us.
      2. 1 John 1.8-2.3 - Every verb in these verses are in present, active tense. What does the cleansing get us?
    2. 5.2 - access, i.e., being ushered into the presence of royalty.
  3. You have been given hope. The entire trajectory of your life has changed.
    1. Ephesians 1 talks about the hope of our inheritance.
      1. 1.11 - in Him and of him. Jesus is working all things according to His will.
      2. 1.13-14 - Sealed with the Spirit - who is the guarantee of our inheritance.
      3. 1.18 - Paul prayed that we become d by the reality of our salvation.

Reality Leads to Rejoicing

  1. 5.2 - rejoice. Think jubilation; being ecstatic; happiness at the highest level of joy.
  2. 5.2b - rejoicing happens because of the hope we’ve been given. 

What Do We Do in the Meantime?

  1. We keep our heads up. We refuse to bow in despair.
  2. 5.3-4 - look at the teaching here.
    1. Endurance: “to remain.” We bear up under every circumstance.
    2. Character: “the state of having been tried.”
    3. Hope: “confident expectation.”
  3. Times like these are actually situations where God can use to sharpen our faith. 
  4. Here are some things you can do:
    1. Rediscover what really matters…
    2. Use this as a season of individual restoration and strengthening.
    3. Seize the opportunity for greater unity and joint participation with brethren.
    4. Embrace opportunities to serve through: prayer; digital communication; etc…
    5. Serving those in the congregation who are unable to or should not get out.


  1. 5.5a - our hope does not put us to shame.  You have a hope that will not disappoint.
  2. 5.5b-6 - you are anchored to the amazing and immense love of God.
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