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Battlefield Flexibility

Series: 21st Century Cultural Battleground

Battlefield Flexibility

How has your life changed since March 1? For most of us, 4 weeks ago life was going on almost as it always is … things were routine. normal. Then it all stopped. So how do we cope? What do our present circumstances teach us about the need for flexibility?

1 Peter 1.6-7 - Bend But Do Not Break.

  1. Motto of the Roman soldier: “You may bend me, but you will never break me.”
  2. We must develop flexibility. See1 Peter 1.3-7 and especially 1.6-7.
    1. 1.3-5 - your spiritual reality:
      1. 1.3 - you have a living hope; 1.4 - you inheritance.
      2. 1.5a - you are guarded by God’s power.
      3. 1.5b - your faith moves you to trust in the salvation to come.
    2. 1.6 - for now, we experience grievous trials. They only last for a little while.
    3. 1.7a - What is the purpose behind the trial? the tested genuineness of your faith.
    4. 1.7b - to what does this lead? praise and glory and honor when our Lord returns.

Philippians 4.10-13 - The Process of Learning Flexibility.

  1. 4.10 - Confident trust in God. Don’t pass over 4.10a lightly.
    1. See Paul’s confidence in the providence of God. The Philippians revived their concern…
    2. Psalm 9.9-12 - God does not forget the cry of the afflicted.
  2. 4.11 - Learn from conditions / circumstances.
    1. Contentment comes from character. 
      1. Romans 5.3-5a - in what is character made? Endurance by way of suffering.
      2. 2 Corinthians 12.10 - for when I am weak, then I am strong. Contentment is a byproduct of distress. 
    2. Conditions and circumstances will very well lead us outside our comfort zone.
  3. 4.12 - Contentment produces adaptability.
    1. Paul knows how to abound in any and every circumstance. 
    2. He is no longer threatened or intimidated by change.
  4. 4.13 - Flexibility leads to ability. Flexibility actually empowers us.
    1. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.
    2. Isaiah 40.29, 31 - in the most difficult times - we have comfort and peace.

What This Looks Like

  1. Personally:
    1. Have you used your newfound gift of time as a spiritual opportunity?
    2. Deeper consciousness of those who are lonely and in need?
  2. As a local church:
    1. “Church” is not just about what happens on Sunday in a building.
    2. The Kettering church may be at its best right now. Members are serving; Needs are being met. People are being checked on. 
    3. So, what changes when we return to assembling together? Do we go back to before?


  1. Battlefield flexibility. Does this describe who you are?
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