KCOC Bible Class Archive

KCOC Bible Class Archive


  • Learning to Deny Self, written/compiled by Jim Grushon. A twelve lesson topic series on how to surrender self to Christ.
  • 1 Corinthians, written/compiled by Matthew Allen. A 13 lesson series on 1 Corinthians.
  • 1 John, written/compiled by Matthew Allen. A 13 lesson series on 1 John.
  • Ephesians, written/compiled by Matthew Allen. A 13 lesson series on Ephesians.
  • God's Great Plan for Mankind, written by Matthew Allen. A 13 lesson series covering God's great plan for man's salvation.
  • Lamentations, written/compiled by Matthew Allen.
  • Taking Hold of Eternal Life, written by Matthew Allen.
  • Ezra, compiled by Matthew Allen.


  • Jeremiah, taught by Matthew Allen.
  • Disciples Devoted to Fellowship, written/compiled by Matthew Allen.
  • The Sermon on the Mount, written/compiled by Matthew Allen. A 26 lesson series on Jesus' greatest sermon.
  • Discipleship, written/compiled by Daniel Barnes. A 12 lesson series defining discipleship.
  • Come and See, written/compiled by Alan Piner. A 12 lesson series on John's gospel with a focus on evangelism.


  • America's Moral Crisis, written/compiled by Matthew Allen. A detailed look at America's problems with moral issues and how Christians can respond to it.
  • Helping Others Get to Heavenwritten/compiled by Matthew Allen. This class encourages Christians who live during times of moral crisis to see it as a time of opportunity, not defeat.
  • Romanswritten/compiled by Matthew Allen. Scripture study of the book of Romans.
  • Leaving a Legacywritten/compiled by Matthew Allen. A study on raising a family in a godly manner as we live inside an ungodly world.
  • 1 Peter, 2 Peter, & Judewritten/compiled by Matthew Allen. Scripture study on these three epistles.
  • How We Got the Biblewritten/compiled by Matthew Allen. Learn how the providence of God acted in supplying us with the everlasting Word of God.



  • Biblical Doctrines in Genesis 1-14written/compiled/taught by Matthew Allen. If we fail to understand the significance and truthful of the earliest Biblical stories, our interpretation of the rest of Scripture will be skewed.
  • Ezekiel, taught by Matthew Allen. Scripture study of the book, with questions.
  • God, Are You Really There, taught by Matthew Allen. Topical study on the existence of God.
  • Preparing for a Messiah, written/taught by Matthew Allen. Tracing the prophetical references to Jesus through the Old Testament.
  • Psalms, taught by Jim Rutter. Scripture study on the book of Psalms.
  • Textual Study on Genesis 1-12, written by Wes Grushon and Paul Braden. Scripture study on Genesis 1-12.
  • How Do You See Jesus?, written by Jim Grushon. Examining our attitude toward Jesus' mission in changing our life.
  • Hebrewscompiled by Matthew Allen. Scripture study. 18 lessons.
  • The Household of God, written by Matthew Allen. Seeing our special place in God's kingdom.
  • James, compiled by Matthew Allen. Scripture Study.


  • Understanding God, written/compiled/taught by Matthew AllenWho is the great God we serve?
  • Using Your Faith, written/taught by Matthew Allen. Class lessons on a practical topic.
  • Sacrifices of a Godly Heart, written/taught by Matthew Allen. What does it mean to bring spiritual sacrifices to God?
  • Between the Testments, written by Ferrill Jenkins/taught by Matthew Allen. A survey of this unique time in Jewish history.
  • The Theme of the Bible, taught by Matthew Allen. A survey of the scheme of redemption.
  • Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way, written/taught by Jason Schofield. Understanding the idea of service inside the local church.
  • Counting the Cost, written/compiled/taught by Matthew Allen. What is the value of our faith? How much do we value what God has designed?


  • Spiritual Warfare written/taught by Matthew Allen.  How did Biblical characters succumb to Satan's temptation? What can we learn from their mistakes?
  • Into the Light written/taught by Matthew Allen. When a person falls into spiritual darkness, how can he or she come back to God?
  • Those Who Walked by Faith written/taught by Matthew Allen. What can we learn from Biblical characters who experienced spiritual victory?
  • Reflecting Christ written/taught by Matthew Allen. What is the ultimate standard by which a Christian measures his or her progress?j
  • Hebrews, taught by Jason Davis. Breaks the book down by section. Class questions, etc.
  • What is Conversion?, taught by Jim Grushon. Great material for new converts.
  • The Sower, taught by Russ Robins. Great material for new converts.
  • Christ in Me, taught by Jim Grushon. What does it mean to have Jesus in your day to day life?
  • 1-3 John, taught by Jason Pratt. Scripture study on 1-3 John.
  • Citizens of the Kingdom, taught by Matthew Allen. What does it mean to be part of an eternal kingdom?