Russ Robins

Russ Robins


Russ was born in Columbus, OH and grew up on a farm just outside of West Jefferson, OH. He was raised in a wonderful Christian home attending the West Broad Street Church of Christ in Columbus, OH where his father served as an Elder for 30 years. After school Russ moved to Cincinnati working in the food industry. During that time, he met his wife Yvonna. In 1979 he and Yvonna moved to Dayton due to a job transfer. For almost 20 years, Russ was in the water treatment industry.  Today Russ owns Color and Style Incorporated specializing in home improvement products. His company includes CSI Commercial flooring, and Color Tile residential flooring operations.


Russ and Yvonna met at the Evendale Church of Christ in Cincinnati. They were married in 1978. They have five children Seth, Brittney, Brandon, Tori, and Taylor. Yvonna and I were fortunate to be raised by loving Christian parents. My hope is that my children will be thankful for the role Christ has played in their growth and feel blessed to have been raised in a home where Christ was the center of our lives. 

The Lord's Church In My Life

Over 2000 years ago, God gave his son to die on a cross on Calvary to pay the price for my sins. That gift gives me the hope and assurance that when my time is over on this earth eternity will begin and forever we will be with the Lord. I believe the Lord's church is as close as we can get to heaven on earth. To gather with the believers each week in the presence of God is an awesome and humbling experience. My life has been influenced by so many people I have met along the way in the church. I will always be grateful for the impact they have had on my life. I remember an old friend, who has since passed on, who used to say in his prayers, "thank you Lord for the church, the greatest institution on the face of the earth." .......He was right. 

Elder's Role

The elder’s role as a shepherd illustrates the care an Elder must have for each member of the Lord’s church.  It requires leading, feeding, and protecting each and every member of this family.  It demands humility, compassion and the same love that Jesus demonstrated toward each of us.  My hope is to help as many as I can to get to heaven.  That is our mission and my prayer.  What a day that will be when together we assemble around the throne and know after our time on earth is over, together, we made it “home”.